13 Oct, 2022
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What Channel Are the London Fireworks 2023 On?

New Year’s Eve is looming, and if you’re not going to brave the cold, crowds, and rain (probably), then watching the fireworks on the TV with a cup of tea or something stronger might sound better.

We’ve cut out the fat to tell you what you need to know about watching the London fireworks on telly.

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Which TV channels show the London fireworks live?

The number one place to watch the London fireworks live is on BBC1. You will need an account and a TV license to watch the fireworks legally.

Check the BBC iPlayer live web page to find all the channels showing the new year’s fireworks.

London Live Webcams

If you don’t have a TV or you don’t have a TV licence, live streaming might not be a viable option. A little-known way to watch the fireworks is through one of the many London webcams.

On the link below, find live streams from

  • The Shard
  • Westminster Bridge
  • The River Thames
  • The London Eye
  • Canary Wharf

See a selection of London webcams pointed at areas where the fireworks will go off at the London New Year.

Watching the London Fireworks on Catch-up

If you can’t watch the display live, you can watch it on catch-up. BBC iPlayer will make the show available as soon as it ends on live television. You can also find it on BBC’s YouTube channel.

Watch the fireworks on BBC iPlayer and BBC YouTube.

Internet Services to Watch the London Fireworks

YouTube is a fantastic place to find legendary firework displays from all over the world featuring the biggest, brightest Category 4 fireworks choreographed by professionals. Take a look at our top most impressive YouTube firework videos, including the largest firework ever launched.

Don’t forget to check social media channels like TikTok for a live stream of the firework display.

How to Watch the London Fireworks If You Live Outside of the UK

If you live in a different country, you won’t be able to watch BBC live or on iPlayer unless you have a VPN. You can easily buy and install a VPN on your computer to set your region to a UK region.

Where to Go to Watch Fireworks

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If you’re planning to make the trip to watch a firework display with your bare eyes, we’ve done the hard work for you.

If you want to know about the best spots in London to view the new year’s fireworks, be that a luxury skyscraper or a budget spot in a park, take a look at our guide London New Year Fireworks: Everything You Need to Know. In one of our most popular articles, we give you a breakdown of how much the London firework show costs.

There are loads of fireworks displays throughout London on New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to trudge through oceans of people to see the Southbank spectacular. Here’s our list of expert-recommended places to see fireworks in and around London. We also give a breakdown of the legendary Alexandria Palace firework display event.

If it’s Fireworks Night you’re preparing for, check out our round-up of the prime Manchester firework viewing spots. We’re the primary retailer of fireworks in the North West, so we know all the best places to get the most out of Bonfire Night.

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