Gender Reveal Fireworks

Our range of gender reveal fireworks will suit any kind of gender announcement party. For a dramatic reveal, we sell kits of multiple shot fireworks. We’ll also provide confetti cannons or handheld smoke plume fireworks for smaller gender reveal parties. All of our fireworks come from trusted manufacturers. We also stock firework sets in only blue or pink that are difficult to find in other firework ranges.

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Gender Reveal Fireworks UK Supplier

We deliver fireworks within three to five days. Place a fireworks order online today or send us a message if you have any questions.

Gender Reveal Firework FAQs

What is a Gender Reveal Firework?

Gender reveal fireworks can be anything from rocket fireworks to sparklers that only presents one colour: pink or blue. A gender reveal firework display is a great way to get celebrations off to a good start and announce if you’re having a baby boy or girl. Aesthetic fireworks like a vivid smoke grenade also offer a perfect photo opportunity. Our gender reveal fireworks range is extensive. We have dramatic fireworks to suit your party, but fireworks don’t always have to be a large-scale event. Fireworks like our smoke grenades offer a subtle announcement too. Send us a message to ask about which fireworks we recommend.

What Types of Gender Reveal Fireworks are There?

For a smaller-scale gender reveal our Pink Smoke Grenade WP40 firework lasts 90 seconds and emits a luscious plume of vibrant colour. A Confetti Cannon is a handheld firework that comes with biodegradable confetti so you can let pink or blue confetti decorate your party with no cleanup. Or, try a gender reveal fireworks kit. We offer gender reveal fireworks bundles for girls and boys that include smoke grenade fireworks, sparklers, a large 25 shot firework and a massive 36 shot firework.

Can you get Daytime Gender Reveal Fireworks?

For a summer fireworks party reveal we offer a Blue Angels Daytime Smoke Firework that shoots off a long blue smoke tail and a crack of thunder. We also stock Blue Smoke Grenades in packs of ten and incredible firework centrepieces with a 36-shot mixed effect firework and noise effects.

Can Parents be Surprised with Gender Reveal Fireworks too?

To help make your gender reveal special, find out the gender of your baby along with friends and family through our bespoke fireworks service. Following your last scan request the nurse to write the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope and sent it to us. We’ll supply fireworks in plain packaging. We’ll provide instructions on how to use the fireworks so your gender reveal is a complete surprise for everyone when the fireworks go off.

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