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We stock a huge range of firework mines all year round, all of which produce a fantastic display of effects. These stunning single burst fireworks are great to add something a bit different to your firework party. With instant fire and colour bursts filling the sky they are one of the more dramatic types of fireworks. If you want all of the attention to be on your firework display include a fireworks mine to get people gasping in awe.

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Mine Firework FAQs

What is a firework mine?

A mine is a type of firework that is fully visible or in effect as it exits the mortar tube meaning you see immediate results as soon as it fires. A mine might fire multiple shots all at once, or in quick succession, like Shockwave. They are usually viewed as having a fantastic burst of energy as multiple shots go up together. Mines get their name from the land mine explosive, as they look like they are literally exploding up out of the ground.

What does a firework mine look like?

Mines often comprise several different shots to produce a creative effect. The simplest type of mine launches a collection of different shots all at once. But you can also buy more complex mines. For example, a mine might launch several low-level shots with tails of light as well as several more powerful shots that climb higher and burst at the same time. Tequila Slammer is a good example of a range of heights and effects in one mine. Usually, shots in a mine are arranged in a fan formation to look more impressive.

When are firework mines best used?

Because of the way they are designed, firework mines are short-lived. If you’re planning a firework display it’s best to buy packs of mines with other fireworks to give your guests a good performance. The short, sharp burst of a mine makes it a dramatic first firework to start your display off with a punch. Or you could give everyone a spectacular finish by setting off some mines at the close of the display.

Mines throw up a sudden burst of light and colour which can be quite a surprise. You might choose firework mines to set off following a happy announcement or a sports victory. Mines are also a choice for choreographers and event planners as a way of making performances more exciting and punctuating music.

Are firework mines loud?

Mines are usually thought of as the loudest fireworks because of the way they are designed. Every shot launching and exploding at the same time produces a very loud noise. This is great for making your firework display that bit more impressive, but not if you’re concerned about volume levels. Check our low noise fireworks for quieter alternatives.

Where can you use mine fireworks?

We stock F2 mines which can be safely viewed from a distance of 3 metres away, and F3 fireworks which could be viewed at a minimum of 25 metres away. Check each product page to find out about the size of the firework before you buy.

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