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Firework barrage packs are a great way to pick up a selection of fireworks without having to decide which individual fireworks to pair together. If you’re worried about curating a fantastic looking display, barrage packs of fireworks take all the stress out of the task by providing you with a professionally assembled fireworks assortment. Here, you can find a wide selection of barrage packs that provide different fireworks experiences.

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Prestigious Pyro Fireworks Special Elite 8 NYE Bundle
Prestigious Pyro NYE Fireworks Display Bundle
RRP: £879.94
Calavera Lightning Rockets and Barrage Selection
Remixed Barrage & Rocket Pack
RRP: £309.97
Prestigious Pyro Fireworks Pack
Prestigious Pyro Pack
RRP: £1,110.00
Gem Collection fireworks Bundle
Gem Collection 2.0 Barrage Pack
RRP: £249.99
Soul Crushers Vulcan
Soul Crusher pack from Vulcan Fireworks
RRP: £159.99

The Best Fireworks in the North West

If you have a smaller garden we have a variety of F2 firework barrage packs. If you have more space you can look at the F2 & F3 barrage packs which will provide you with a stunning firework display. Some of our barrage packs give you a massive display with hundreds of mixed fireworks shots. Take a look at our Mega Mayhem Fireworks Package which comes with 1,317 individual shots. We also sell lower noise barrage packs for those concerned about volume levels, like the F2 Barrage & Rocket Garden Mixed Firework Pack.

Barrage Packs: FAQs

What are barrage packs of fireworks?

Barrage fireworks, or single ignition barrages, are very similar to cakes in that they consist of multiple tubes, each containing an individual shot, all connected through one fuse. A barrage pack includes multiple barrage fireworks and sometimes other types of fireworks such as rockets.

Barrage packs are designed to include a selection of complementary fireworks so you can put on a prolonged firework display with little effort and without having to worry about which fireworks go together.

What is in a barrage pack?

Barrage packs vary depending on product and fireworks manufacturer. Most contain one or more single ignition barrages. A barrage pack might contain only barrages of different sizes, colours, and patterns so that you can add some variation to your display, like our Punch Fire Firework Pack which offers five different barrages. We stock fireworks packs that contain a variety of different types of fireworks to complete a whole display. For example, our Celtic Fireworks Family Selection Box contains 12 barrages along with fountain fireworks, Roman candles, rocket fireworks, portfires, and sparklers.

Where can you use barrage packs of fireworks?

We sell F2 and F3 barrage packs, where F2 fireworks can be viewed from a distance of eight metres minimum and F3 fireworks can be viewed from a distance of 25 metres minimum. This generally means that F2 fireworks are suitable for garden use provided you have the space. F3 fireworks are ideal for larger gardens and events in larger open spaces. You can find out about the distance required for each of our barrage packs on its product page.

Barrage packs are designed to provide you with a full and prolonged firework display and make a good feature at large parties and significant occasions. Buy a barrage pack as the climax for your New Year’s Eve party, for a Bonfire Night celebration, or for a wedding reception.

How do you light firework barrage packs?

All barrages packs will come with instructions on how to light and with the fuse visible on each item. Usually, a barrage will have its fuse on top taped down. Make sure the firework is secured to the ground and make sure the barrage isn’t in the line of any trees or buildings that could present a fire risk. You can secure the barrage by digging a slight hold in the ground to fit the barrage into so it stays in place, or you could surround it with rocks.

Make sure the fuse is flipped up and free of paper or other packaging. As soon as you light the fuse retreat to the safe distance specified on the packaging.

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