03 Dec, 2021
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The Best New Year's Eve Fireworks Recommended by Experts

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Welcoming in the new year wouldn’t be the same without a firework display. We are the leading firework supplier in the North West, and we’ve put together this guide for the best New Year’s fireworks we sell depending on the size of the space you’re using.

Whether you’re looking for fireworks for your own back garden, or you’re responsible for planning out a display in your local park, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations. They are all single ignition barrages which means lighting a single fuse will produce multiple shots and effects.

Find all of the New Year’s Eve fireworks in this article on our website. You can order directly from our website for delivery all across the UK, or visit our shop in Chorlton.

Top Five New Year’s Eve Fireworks For Small Gardens

If you want to forgo trudging around in the mud at your local park and fancy a cup of mulled wine and a guaranteed seat to watch the fireworks go up, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top small garden New Year fireworks.

All of these fireworks have a minimum safe viewing distance of 8–10 metres.

1. Final Curtain

Watch the final curtain go up amid gasps of awe from your guests. This firework pack features four firework cakes with 25 individual shots in each. You’ll be able to watch two straight and two fanned firing effects with whistles, strobes, stars, and cracks to spice up the party.

2. Tiny Temper

This compound firework may look small, but it packs a punch with 63 shots fired in mixed patterns over a duration of 60 seconds. It’s ideal for smaller gardens that don’t want to be held back by limited space.

Tiny Temper by Prestigious Pyrotechnics e893beea44ec02f0739b8e4993f57d85

3. Mish Mash Mini

This is a neat firework that sends a whopping 100 shots straight up high into the night sky. This firework has good duration, letting everyone soak in the gorgeous effects it produces, varying colours of the tails and stars are staggered for 50 seconds.

4. Mix It Up

This Celtic firework consists of 63 powerful shots that burst in quick succession displaying brilliant, vivid starts and bursts. Get your guests revved up with this compound firework that is brimming with energy.

5. Velocity

You'll love this small but mighty four-cake 224-shot compound from Vivid Pyrotechnics. If you're looking for a rapid, jaw-dropping colourful show opener or finale, make sure you have this one in your basket!

Check out our Garden Fireworks page for more fireworks with an 8–10 metre safe viewing distance. Each product displays its safe viewing distance on the right-hand side of the product page.

Top Three New Year’s Eve Fireworks for Medium-Sized Areas (15 Metres Safe Distance)

If you’ve got a bigger garden we’ve got bigger fireworks to suit it! These are our top three recommendations for an area that has a minimum safe viewing distance of 15 metres, also called Category 2 fireworks.

1. Smash That

If you’re after that distinct firework burst that makes for a classic photo, Smash That is for you. This compound firework features an incredible 157 shots that burst in perfect golden stars and tails.

2. Surprise Me

Surprise Me does what it says on the tin. With whistles, crackles, and fizzes. Each shot produces a wonderfully unique display of colours and effects. Surprise Me will go down a treat with even the most seasoned firework spectators.

3. Blood Shot Compound Firework

This is another brilliant firework from Team Vivid. Loaded with stunning colours and effects, this one-light compound firework gives you a full-on spectacular display, making it a perfect addition to your end-of-year blow out celebration!

We have more 15-metre safe viewing distance fireworks on our Garden Fireworks page. Check each product page to see how much space the firework requires. You can also get a good sense of the difference between fireworks in different categories by reading our blog Category 1 to Category 4 Fireworks: What to Expect.

Top Five New Year’s Eve Fireworks for Large Areas (25 Metres Safe Distance)

Fireworks that have a safe viewing distance of 25 metres are Category 3 fireworks. These are larger and often louder than Category 2 fireworks (although we do stock some low noise fireworks in Category 3 too).

Category 3 fireworks are great fun if you’ve got a big enough garden. If you’ve been tasked with sourcing the fireworks for your community firework show, then these will be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Pyroclastic Storm

Pyroclastic Storm holds the award for Best Compound Firework in the Firework Awards UK 2022 and 2021, and it’s hard not to see why. This awe-inspiring firework produces a crescendo of light, colour, and effects in a W formation. Created by Chorlton Fireworks owner, Saj, who selected each colour and effect especially to produce one of our most impressive fireworks.

2. Exponential

With 394 mixed shots spanning a lengthy 270 seconds, Exponential is the mother of all grand finale fireworks! Light this big beauty just once and step back to bring in the New Year in style with family and friends. Packing nearly 4kg of powder, the stunning effects and colours in this one are sure to blow your mind!

3. Profusion

Profusion stands out as one of the biggest and boldest single ignition barrages on the market with 93 massive shots of superbly balanced colours, effects, thundering booms and crackles. From start to finish, this showstopper from Prestigious Pyrotechnics is a perfect firework for a finale that will have everyone gazing in awe.

4. Tour de Force

A masterpiece from Team Pyroworx, this 288-shot compound is an intense show of lights, colours, constant bursts and sonic loud booms that's definitely an onslaught to the senses. With the look and feel of a Pro firework, just light it once, stand back and let the celebrations begin!

Tour De Force cover Firework Pyroworx

5. Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a fantastic new compound firework from Vivid Pyrotechnics with a upbeat tempo and an amazing mix of effects. Watch as it moves through a range of firing patterns, filling the sky with unique colours. Every fireworks display should have Sucker Punch in its firing order!

If you’re planning a public firework display in a local community space, our blog Where Can you Set Off Fireworks? covers lots of useful information on what you need to do to make this happen.

Buying and Setting Up New Year’s Eve Fireworks

If this has piqued your interest and you’re getting into the idea of designing your own New Year’s firework display, check out our blog. We have useful guides that help you choose the right garden fireworks, and discover all the different types of fireworks. If you’re keen to get some good shots of your work, find out tips on taking good firework photos.

Interested in low noise fireworks? Find out exactly what to expect from low noise fireworks in our blog too. We also answer lots of FAQs on sparklers.

Firing fireworks is easy, but preparation is key to making sure you have fun and don’t put anyone, including yourself, at risk. Find out how to fire different types of fireworks in our blog.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: The Law

Make sure you stay on the right side of the law this New Year’s Eve and get clued up before setting off your fireworks. We cover how old you have to be to buy fireworks and other UK laws in our blog.

How late can you set off New Year’s Eve fireworks?

According to UK law, on New Year’s Eve, people are allowed to fire fireworks up until 1 am. Usually, the legal times to fire fireworks are between 7 am and 11 pm. The same rules apply no matter where you are, whether it’s a public event or just your own garden.

Where can you set off New Year’s Eve fireworks?

The UK law on fireworks states that fireworks cannot be fired in the street, and this includes using sparklers. Fireworks can only be used on private property such as your own garden, on in a community space with permission from the local council.

Find out more about the steps you need to take to legally hold a firework display in a public space in our blog.

Don’t delay, our fireworks are extremely popular. Order today to make sure you’ve got everything you need to set off a New Year’s Eve that’ll put last year’s firmly in the past.

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