15 Mar, 2022
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How to Use Ice Fountains at Your Venue: Tips and Safety

Embellishing your desserts, drinks, and bottles with ice fountains is a sure-fire way to get a smile from your customers, clients, and guests. We get it, you want to get the most out of each ice fountain reveal by stepping up the drama and performance.

But let’s not forget what ice fountains are: fireworks, and they come many of the fire risks that other fireworks do. Although ice fountain fireworks are designed to be used indoors, you should keep your guard up. Crowded spaces, drunk people, children, dogs, and poor preparation all present potential hazardous situations when using ice fountains indoors.

Training your team on what ice fountains are, how they work, and how to use them safely is a highly important step to getting the most out of these neat little pyrotechnics. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

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How to Prepare an Ice Fountain

These first steps are important to ensure your ice fountain is going to stay where you want it to and know that your staff are safe.

1. Move to a safe, open space in your venue, a minimal distance from where the ice fountain will be carried to. Ensure everything is ready before you light the firework and that the server is ready to go.

2. Remove the ice fountain from its packaging. Identify the top end. You can tell the top end of the ice fountain as it will be filled right to the top with pyrotechnic contents which are usually lighter in colour than the cardboard tube casing. The bottom of the firework will be hollow.

3. Fix the ice fountain either to a cake using the mounting pin (see below: Using an Ice Fountain on a Cake) or to a bottle using a bottle holder (see below: Using an Ice Fountain on a Bottle).

4. Use a long kitchen match or a long reach lighter to light the top of the firework and withdraw your hand immediately. If you have one, a chef’s torch is a much more efficient way of lighting an ice fountain.

Using an Ice Fountain on a Cake

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Lots of hospitality venues use ice fountains for cakes as a more exciting alternative to candles. Here’s how to use an ice fountain on a cake.

1. Attach the mounting pin to the bottom of the firework firmly. Check the cardboard tube is well fixed to the mounting pin and doesn’t wobble.

Note: some ice fountains come with the mounting pin attached to the top end, covering up the contents. The mounting pin will need to be removed and attached to the bottom of the firework.

2. Stake the mounting pin into the top, centre of the cake, pushing down until the entire pin is in the cake.

3. Check the ice fountain is secure, then light as normal.

Cakes aren’t the only desserts you can add an ice fountain to. Here are some more ideas:

  • A central ice fountain in a cupcake display.
  • Fix to the top of a cheesecake slice or pastry (try to avoid softer desserts as your ice fountain could fall out)
  • Add an ice fountain to a wheel of cheese in your wedding cheese board.

Using an Ice Fountain on a Bottle

Ice fountains champagne Bottle Service

The other most popular use for ice fountains is on bottles in clubs and bars. We stock an ice fountain bottle holder made especially for this end, and sell packs of different sizes depending on how often you use ice fountains:

Our ice fountain holders come with space for three ice fountains making them highly versatile. These are generally re-usable but the clips can get loose with repeated use so it’s important not to overuse them as you could be dealing with a fire risk.

Mounting an ice fountain to a bottle is easy with one of our clips, here’s how:

1. Attach the ice fountain holder to the bottleneck first using the largest, central clip.

2. Identify the top end of your ice fountain, then attach it to one of the smaller clips towards the base.

3. Check the ice fountain and bottle are fully secured in the clips. Light as normal.

How to Store Ice Fountains

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Keep ice fountains in a cool, dry place, well out of the way of your normal business operations. Think carefully about where you store your ice fountain fireworks and ensure they aren’t kept near any flames, or anywhere that open flames are used or sparks occur.

Keep your ice fountains in a waterproof container to keep them preserved. If they get damp you won’t be able to use them, even if you dry them out. Always carry ice fountains to a safe, open space with minimal distance to the customer before igniting them.

Although ice fountains keep for a long time when stored correctly, it’s important to remember that they still present a combustion risk. We sell mini ice fountain packs all the way up to bulk boxes to suit different businesses and customers meaning you can stock up on a good supply, but won’t need to worry about holding on to too many at once.

Ice Fountain Safety Tips

Safety first when it comes to all fireworks, even indoor, category 1 fireworks. Make sure your staff are all aware of how to properly use and store ice fountains. Here are some essential safety tips.

  • When staking an ice fountain into a cake, point it slightly in one direction so the server can carry it pointing away from them. Ensure they present the ice fountain pointing away from the customer too.
  • Never try to reignite an ice fountain if it does not light. Instead, douse it in water.
  • Always check the ice fountain is the right way up before lighting.
  • Always check ice fountains are properly attached before lighting.
  • Ask servers to hold ice fountains away from them when carrying and holding them.
  • Always douse ice fountains in water before disposing of them.
  • Check the sell-by date of your ice fountains before using them.
  • Make sure your servers don’t have to use flights of stairs or open doors when carrying ice fountains.

Ice Fountain Safe Distances

When using indoor ice fountains you don’t always have the luxury of space. With other customers milling about, children, and even customers' dogs wanting to get involved it’s important that your staff know how much space they’re working with when handling an ice fountain.

  • The height of an ice fountain unlit: 4–5 inches
  • The height of an ice fountain effect: up to one foot
  • The safe distance around an ice fountain: approximately over one metre

Remind your staff to hold an ice fountain away from their body as they carry or hold it and place it away from all customers if putting it on a table. Aiming for the centre of the table is best.

Now that you’re fully versed in the safe use of ice fountains, it’s time to get creative. Use our Instagrammable ice fountain ideas as a starting point. Do you have other questions we didn't answer here? Check our article Ice Fountain Firework FAQs.

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