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We stock the largest range of low noise fireworks and silent fireworks for sale in the North West for quieter firework displays. We have everything from the smallest low noise indoor fireworks to the largest low noise compound fireworks that will give you a long duration firework display with no bangs at all basically silent fireworks. If you’re worried about upsetting neighbours or scaring your pet, quiet fireworks will keep everyone happy.

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Low Noise Firework FAQs

What is a low noise firework?

A low noise firework is just as its name suggests: a quiet firework that produces less noise than a regular firework. These are ideal when you live in an area with noise restrictions, or if you’re simply concerned about bothering people nearby with your firework displays. You might also have a pet like a dog or a cat who finds loud fireworks stressful. Low noise fireworks look and act in a similar way to ‘normal’ fireworks. For example, you can buy rockets that are designed to be quieter, but generally, low noise fireworks will produce a slightly smaller explosion.

Find out what to expect from a low noise firework.

Can you get silent fireworks for firework displays?

There is no such thing as a silent firework and any retailer that claims to offer totally silent fireworks packs isn’t being truthful. It’s not possible for a firework to be silent due to the noise produced by the lift charge and the explosion of the shell in the air.

All fireworks, even 'silent' fireworks, will make some noise when the lift charge fires but low noise fireworks will not have any loud bangs when the effect bursts in the sky. Low noise fireworks are achieved by reducing the lift charge repellant, minimising the burst of the shell, and removing the salute.

Find out how manufacturers create low noise fireworks.

How loud are low noise fireworks?

Considering regular fireworks cannot legally exceed 120 decibels, quiet fireworks are considerably lower in volume than this, some only reaching 70 decibels, 50% of the volume of a normal firework. You can buy low noise fireworks that are significantly quieter than ‘normal’ fireworks on this page.

What types of low noise firework packs are there?

At Chorlton Fireworks we handpick specially designed low noise fireworks packs from our suppliers so that everyone can enjoy a fantastic firework display. We stock low noise rockets and barrages, like the Pro Low Noise Finale Barrage, or the Hydra cake.

We also sell silent fireworks packs that, by their design, happen to be relatively low noise. These include smoke grenades as single units in packs like the 10 pack of blue smoke grenades, sparklers, and fountains which produce an elegant plume of light, like the Signature Cone Fountain.

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