Roman Candles

We stock a huge range of roman candle fireworks, that pack an assortment of different firework effects from soft and subtle colours to big bold bangs. Roman candle fireworks are a fantastic way to add something a little different to your home displays. Chorlton Fireworks always offers fireworks that stand out, look unique, and make your display pop. Find perfect Roman candle fireworks and buy packs here.

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Roman Candle FAQs

What is a Roman candle firework?

A Roman candle is a traditional firework that launches one or multiple shots directly up into the air. Simply, the firework is made of a cardboard tube with a star or exploding shell inside that is launched by a lifting charge.

Roman candle fireworks are a must-have for a classic firework display and depending on the type of Roman candle, buy fireworks here to add an exciting punch to a display or a touch of class.

What do Roman candle fireworks look like?

Roman candles vary in the way they look. We offer subtle Roman candles that emit multiple soft plumes of light, like the low noise Purple Parade Candle. Or louder and bolder Roman candles with rockets that explode in the air with a bang, like the Signature Candle.

When you set off a Roman candle you can expect to see one or several fireworks shots launch high into the air consecutively, either exploding at their maximum height or trailing a tail of colour and light as they climb. Roman candles are often accompanied by sparkles and flashes of light for a dramatic look.

Why are they called Roman candles?

The origins of the Roman candle’s name are quite sinister. Rather than a firework, the Roman candle used to be a form of torture in ancient Rome, where emperor Nero would punish early Christians by having them coated in flammable substances and set alight to light up the palace gardens during formal parties.

Can you hold a Roman candle?

You should never hold Roman candle fireworks once ignited unless the packaging expressly mentions it. Most Roman candles are not safe to hold and can cause injury to your hands if you do.

How should you use fireworks like Roman candles?

Many Roman candles come in a launch tube with a pike on the bottom end so that it can be fixed into the ground. If your fireworks have a pike you only need to stick the base of the firework firmly into the ground and ensure the launch end is facing directly upwards so each shot is fired correctly. Check there aren’t any trees, buildings, or people in the fireworks launch path of the firework before igniting it.

If your roman candle doesn’t have a pike on one end you could use a piece of piping dug into the ground to hold your Roman candle up in the correct position.

If your Roman candle fireworks specify that you can hold it in your hand while in use, make sure you hold fireworks at arm’s length with your arm fully extended and point it away from you and other people.

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