Garden Fireworks (F2 Fireworks)

A favourite for family firework parties in the garden, F2 fireworks pack an impressive display but are safe enough for most normal gardens. Find a range of one-metre fireworks, eight-metre fireworks, or 15-metre garden fireworks here and design your perfect firework garden party. We work hard to bring the best selection of fireworks to the North West from suppliers all over the world so you can be sure your fireworks won’t let you down. Find all of our garden fireworks UK customers love here.

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F2 Firework FAQs

What is an F2 garden firework?

The name ‘F2’ denotes the category of the firework. F2 fireworks are garden fireworks and can be safely viewed from a minimum distance of eight metres. Some F2 fireworks specify a 15-metre distance, but unless stated otherwise on the packaging you can assume all F2 fireworks need a distance of eight metres from viewers. F2 fireworks are considerably less powerful than F3 fireworks that should be viewed from a distance of 25 metres, and F4 fireworks that aren’t available to the public.

Find out more about firework terminology.

How big should your garden be for a Category 2 firework?

To calculate how much space you need in your garden to set off F2 fireworks you need to know the length of your garden at its longest point. You’ll need to ensure all spectators can be at least eight metres away from the firework launch site, or 15 metres if that’s what the product specifies. You’ll also need to make sure that the position of the firework isn’t in the firing line of any objects, such as trees, that could cause a fire.

Depending on the number of guests viewing your fireworks you might need to account for 1-2 metres extra so that everyone can safely stand away from the firework. A garden of roughly 10 metres in length is ideal for 8-metre F2 fireworks.

What types of fireworks are classed as F2?

You can find several different types of garden fireworks in category F2. Usually, these will be smaller or less powerful versions of F3 fireworks. We stock a selection of F2 cakes and barrages like Hydra and Standing Ovation. Smoke grenades, fountains, Roman candles, and more. Many F2 garden fireworks we offer are low noise fireworks, helpful to those in residential areas that have to be noise-conscious.

If you want us to take the effort out of buying a selection of fireworks to make your own display, that’s no problem! We offer barrage packs and garden firework selection boxes so all you need to do is set up your fireworks and light them.

Can you get quiet F2 fireworks for small gardens?

F2 garden fireworks are smaller than F3 fireworks and therefore quieter. They are one of the quietest types of firework available. Check our low noise fireworks packs to find quieter options we specify the minimum distance required on each product page.

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