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Our range of compound fireworks is one of the largest on the UK market and our selection of pyrotechnics effects means there is something for everybody. We stock a great range of F2 Compound Fireworks as well as a large range of more powerful F3 compound fireworks, with new innovative fireworks being added to our range all the time.

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Shop for compound fireworks here to have your guests in complete awe at your professional-looking pyrotechnics display. Browse here and order in a few clicks or contact us with your questions.

Compound Firework FAQs

What is a compound firework?

Compound fireworks are multiple fireworks secured together on a board and pre-fused to allow you to have a spectacular firework display with a great duration after being lit once. Once lit the fireworks will fire one after the other in sequence. Compound fireworks packs are easy and fun as you do not need to keep returning to the launch area to light each one individually. As such, they also reduce the level of risk.

How is a compound firework different from a barrage firework?

Compound fireworks are generally the same as barrages or barrage fireworks, each features multiple fireworks secured together via one fuse that launches each shot consecutively once lit. There is a bit more variety in a compound firework as this can take any form (a board, a cake, a cake slice, or any other method of securing fireworks together), whereas a barrage takes the form of a box or cube made up of shot tubes.

Where can compound fireworks be used?

Compound fireworks packs are best used in larger parties and celebrations as they offer a prolonged display with multiple different shots are fired into the air. If you’re planning a big birthday party, wedding, anniversary, New Year’s Eve party, or Fireworks Night, compound fireworks are the best option.

You might also opt for a compound firework if you don’t want the stress of having to put your own display together, and keep returning to light new fireworks. Lighting a compound firework only once means you can be a spectator with everyone else.

What does a compound firework look like?

The visual style of a compound firework varies quite a lot from product to product. Depending on your preferences and the mood of your event you might opt for a compound firework with lots of different colours and mixed shots, like Surprise Me. If you want something that looks a little more elegant a compound firework with lots of shimmering white light and sparkles would be a good choice, like Pyroclastic Storm with 243 Shots.

How long does a compound firework last?

Packs of compound fireworks are long-lasting as each shot is fired one after the other. Usually, you can expect a compound firework to last at least one minute. We stock compound fireworks that last for up to four minutes such as the Fireworks Show 256 with 256 shots. For even longer displays you could opt for a barrage pack which includes several compound fireworks that can be lit one after the other.

What types of fireworks come in compound packs?

Firework compound packs come with an assortment of different fireworks to complete a whole firework display as the climax, opening, or big finish of a party. Rockets and barrages are some of the most popular fireworks in compound firework sets. Rockets offer the classic ‘whoosh’ and crackle that people think of when they imagine fireworks. Barrages consist of multiple tubes filled with individual rockets that go off one after the other. Barrages act as compound fireworks within compound fireworks, so you can expect lots of firework shots having only lit the unit once.

For compound fireworks featuring rockets and barrages look no further than Chorlton Fireworks.

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