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We handpick our Catherine wheels from the leading fireworks brands we trust so you can enjoy the best fireworks in the North West. To ensure only quality Wheels are stocked we test fire them before adding to our selected range of fireworks as we do for all our products. Order Catherine wheels here for your display and give your guests a firework they’ll no doubt be expecting and excited to see.

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Catherine Wheel FAQs

What do Catherine wheel fireworks look like?

A Catherine wheel might have one or several rockets attached to it which emit a circular display of light, flames and sparks as the firework spins. The rockets attached might all be the same or could be different to produce a pattern with mixtures of colours and styles. Our Catherine wheels spin for up to 50 seconds during which time the display will grow in size and brightness before slowly fading out.

How Does a Catherine wheel work?

A Catherine wheel is usually made of a spiral tube filled with ignitable powder, or an angled rocket attached to a disc with a pin through the centre. The momentum of the rocket when lit causes the disc to spin quickly emitting sparkles and flames in a spectacular circular motion.

How do you use a Catherine wheel?

Catherine wheels tend to work better and be more impressive when they are mounted high up, so choose a tall post or similar structure to mount your Catherine wheel. You should erect a post solely for the purpose of the catherine wheel as attaching it to anything else (such as a shed or fence) could present a fire hazard. It’s more likely that flammable materials will be nearby and if the Catherine wheel gets stuck you could have a fire on your hands.

Hammer the Catherine wheel to your post and make sure it is fully secured. Make sure the firework will still spin by testing its rotation in your hand. Finally, make sure the fuse is easy to access when you want to set off the firework. If the fuse is out of reach, use a firework lighter on a stick and do not climb a ladder to reach it.

What occasions are Catherine wheel fireworks good for?

Catherine wheel fireworks are some of the oldest fireworks and are traditionally seen at British and European parties and events. Although you should be aware of sparks coming off when ignited, Catherine wheel fireworks stay in one place throughout their active time and this makes them ideal for smaller gardens, or displays more subtle, quieter displays.

Catherine wheels can be used as an exciting intro to your firework display to get your guests revved up and ready for the main event. Or if you’re looking for a smaller and less dramatic display, buy a Catherine wheel along with a fountain or some sparklers. Catherine wheels also add drama and atmosphere to performances if secured around a stage or performance area.

Why is it called a Catherine wheel?

The name of the Catherine wheel originates from a torture device used in the middle ages in Europe to bestow a slow and painful death on criminals. The name Catherine is attributed to the Catherine wheel thanks to St Catherine of Alexandria. St Catherine was sentenced to be ‘broken’ on the wheel for refusing to renounce her Christianity but when she touched the wheel it fell to pieces. The wheel is now seen in many coats of arms designs for places named after St Catherine.

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