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Bring the magic of fireworks indoors with an ice fountain candles that will make a special event a cherished memory. Our indoor ice fountains perform for a minimum duration of 60 seconds for maximum effect and produce a plume of silver sparkles for a classy and refined look. When you want to top candles on a cake, an ice fountain is a total crowd-pleaser. We stock the highest quality very low smoke Prestigious ice fountains used for champagne bottles, cocktails, and cakes at leading clubs, bars, and restaurants all over the UK. Whether you call them Bottle Sparklers or Ice Fountains, we know your crowd will love them.


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Ice Fountain FAQs

What do Ice Fountains Look Like?

When lit up an ice fountain will produce a small vertical shower of white and silver shimmers. Our ice fountains and bottle sparklers last for just longer than a minute. An ice fountain will produce a dramatic sizzling noise and light up a room with a bright flickering glow. Our Prestigious ice fountains are designed to be very low smoke, meaning everyone can enjoy a crisp, glittering view.

Where can Indoor Fireworks like an Ice Fountain be used?

Ice fountains add an element of excitement to a cake or cocktail, lighting up a birthday dinner with the crackle and sparkle of a fountain of light. If you want something to outdo the use of normal candles, try an ice fountain. It’s not just pubs and clubs that use ice fountains either. We supply ice fountains to bars, party shops, event planners, caterers, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, or simply as substitutes for candles. Fountains are also a fun way to introduce children to fireworks in a safe and comfortable space before they see larger outdoor fireworks.

Can you Buy Ice Fountain Products in Bulk for Businesses?

Our packs of ice fountains (also known as bottle sparklers) come in boxes of 1,440, 480, 240, 80. No matter how often you think you’ll use fountains, we have the right-sized product for you. Stocking up with an Ice Fountains 1440 Pack means you’ll always be prepared. If you want to use an ice fountain to energise your cake reveal at home, use an Ice Fountains 4 Pack.

Birthdays and Bars: How Should you use Ice Fountains?

Indoor fireworks for clubs and bars are becoming more popular. Attaching fountains to the neck of a bottle of prosecco will be guaranteed to turn heads, encouraging other customers to order fountains at the bar. Fountains on bottles or drinks are way more impressive than candles and the shower of silver and gold will give your venue a touch of sophistication. Fountains will point upwards when attached to a bottle. Make sure staff know how to safely transport products to the customer.

Our indoor fountains are often used on birthday cakes and other party celebrations that require a cake. Ice Fountains produce a much bigger reaction than candles and few guests will be expecting to see a firework indoors. Treat an ice fountain like you would candles on a birthday cake by dimming the lights and having people sing happy birthday. Always ensure that fountains are secured tightly to products, and that the firework is pointed away from you. At Chorlton Fireworks we supply the whole UK with premium quality ice fountains and bottle sparklers all year round.

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