24 Sept, 2021
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The Best Fireworks for Sale in the North West

If you’re here you might already know that we are the number one fireworks retailer in the North West, and one of the leading fireworks shops in the whole of the UK. With a massive collection of products spanning over 24 brands and hundreds of different fireworks, each unique from the last. We have something for every taste, every party, every surprise, and every mood.

There are a few other reasons why choosing Chorlton Fireworks means you’ll have a better firework display. Read on to find out why you’ll never go anywhere else.

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Pop into Our Fireworks Shop

We’re situated on Barlow Moor Road in the heart of Chorlton, Manchester. If you live locally, made the trip to visit us, or you’re simply in the area, we’d be more than happy to have you visit and browse our stock. We’re open 11 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday and 12 pm to 3 pm Sunday.

We love to chat and get to know our customers. Visiting the shop will allow us to get a good idea of the type of fireworks you’re looking for and we can help you choose the best ones for the job. We are fireworks experts and love to talk about all things to do with fireworks. We often find ourselves chatting away for half an hour about the best firing techniques and new upcoming fireworks we’re in the middle of creating under our Prestigious Pyrotechnics label.

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Order Fireworks Online: UK Wide Delivery

Can you buy fireworks online instead if you live outside of the Manchester area? Of course! You don’t have to trek all the way up north to visit the best place to buy fireworks in person. We deliver all across the UK through our online fireworks UK shop. Our website is a hub of information designed to help you discover innovative fireworks and find the best pyrotechnic effects for whatever event you have planned.

Browse by firework category to find different types of effects and buy fireworks online, from big fireworks for sale, to tiny, low noise shots.

Fireworks Made Easy

If you’re a novice, beginner, or just want the hard work taken out of fireworks, try looking through our firework selection boxes, cakes and barrages, and compound fireworks.

  • Firework Selection Boxes: Multipacks of different fireworks, expertly put together to give you a full firework display in one pack. Set up the fireworks as you like or work off of instructions provided and you’ll have an incredible firework display with little effort.
  • Cakes and Barrages: Multiple shots together in one square, flat, or rectangular ‘cake’ or ‘barrage’ means that you only need to light one fuse to watch multiple shots go off one after the other. Each cake or barrage firework is professionally put together for effects that complement each other.
  • Compound Fireworks: Similar to cakes and barrages, compound fireworks feature multiple different shots attached to one fuse. Minimal effort is required to activate a compound firework to produce a full firework display, something with hundreds of shots.
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Serene Firework Selection Box

Traditional Fireworks

When we think about firework displays, everyone has a certain look and sound in mind. Traditional fireworks give audiences the satisfaction of watching the fireworks they remembered as a child or that they look forward to every Fireworks Night. Browse our traditional fireworks online by category:

  • Rockets: Fantastic as introductory fireworks, at the climax of your display, or the big finish. Rockets are the classic fireworks that whoosh up high into the sky and burst in an arc of colour.
  • Catherine Wheels: Unusual visual effects, but one of the oldest fireworks. Catherine wheels are nailed to a post and spin at high speeds throwing off a spectacular circle of flame and sparks. Catherine wheels are a welcome change from fireworks that shoot up vertically in a firework display.
  • Roman Candles: Launch powerful shots straight up into the air with a roman candle. Our Roman candles can hold one or multiple shots in unified, or varying colours and patterns.
  • Fountains: Fountains are elegant and always get a ‘wow’ from the audience, emitting a plume of light, flames, and sparks from the group up.
  • Mines: For a firework that gives your display a punch of thunder, light, and an explosion of colour, a mine is ideal. These fireworks set off multiple shots in one go, bursting at different heights and angles to produce a massive, powerful effect in a matter of seconds.

Crazy Cone Fountain

Everything else you didn’t know you needed!

If you’ve come here looking for the best fireworks to buy UK retailers can offer, you’re definitely in the right place, but there’s a whole selection of other pyrotechnic novelties and unusual fireworks to buy to really make it a night to remember.

  • Indoor and Novelty Fireworks: From Chinese lanterns to indoor sparklers, we sell all the extras to make your party that little bit more special. Get number sparklers to write out the birthday boy or girl’s age on their cake, or hand out fun snaps for big kids to play with.
  • Gender Reveal Fireworks: Growing in popularity, gender reveal fireworks let you surprise your loved ones with the gender of your baby using a striking flash of pink light or a twist of vivid blue smoke. We offer a service where we take care of the whole surprise, so even mum and dad don’t know the gender before the big moment.
  • Sparklers: There’s not an adult or child who doesn’t enjoy the magic of holding a sparkler. We’ve got all different kinds in stock, from neon sparklers to yellow sparklers, to extra-long wedding sparklers that can be fixed onto your wedding arches.
  • Confetti Cannons: Confetti cannons are a sophisticated way to make a big announcement, celebrate a win, or get a party started. We often sell confetti cannons as gender reveal fireworks, but you can also order one in custom colours for any event. We can deliver confetti cannons in brand colours or winning sports team colours.
  • Strobes and Flares: Strobes and flares are sometimes used at the beginning of firework displays as a way of building up anticipation with pulsing waves of coloured light.
  • Smoke Grenades: Smoke grenades add atmosphere to event settings, photo and video projects, and live performances. Our smoke grenades can either be stationed on the ground or held in your hand to help you produce the exact effect you want.
  • Daytime Fireworks: Contrary to popular belief, fireworks aren’t just for nighttime. Our daytime fireworks prove that you can set off a firework display at any time of the day.
  • Ice Fountains: For anyone who owns a pub, bar, or club, make birthdays, hen parties, and anniversaries more memorable and guarantee return customers with ice fountains in cakes and cocktails.
  • Firework Firing Equipment: What kind of fireworks shop would be we running if we didn’t give you the equipment to fire your fireworks? Find firework firing tools here to help you get the most out of the display you’ve put effort into.

The Beast From The East Compound Firework

If you want to order fireworks online, most of our products will have a link to a video demonstration straight from the Chorlton Fireworks YouTube channel to show you exactly what to expect. But to give you an even better idea of the effects, each product page includes information on the duration of the firework, the number of shots, the safe viewing distance, the noise level, the pattern (straight shots or mixed), NEC weight, hazard class, and tube size. Buying fireworks from us means you’ll always know what you’re getting before the big moment.

Find out more about what firework terminology means.

Fireworks Online UK: All Year Round

If you want to buy fireworks online, UK retailers won’t all offer fireworks all year round. We are licensed to sell fireworks every day of the year. We’re not limited by the 40 days around Bonfire Night, New Year, Diwali, and Chinese New Year that you find fireworks for sale online from supermarkets and other non-licensed retailers.

This means that no matter when you decide to throw a party, when you want to announce your baby’s gender, or when you have something to celebrate, we’ll always be able to help you celebrate no matter where you are through our fireworks online shop.

Next Day Delivery Fireworks, No Minimum Spend

Fireworks delivery makes it super easy for all of our customers to enjoy pyrotechnics. The physical shop is open 11–5 all week and 12–3 on Sunday, but our online fireworks shop is open 24/7. With Chorlton Fireworks, buy online through our website, we’ll dispatch your order within three to five working days but can arrange fireworks next day delivery to addresses in the North West.

We deliver to almost any location in the UK, take a look at the full list of locations we deliver fireworks to. Order fireworks through our website in just a few clicks.

Our delivery aims to be as smooth and easy as possible. We work with a courier who will call ahead to arrange the best time for your fireworks delivery. Get fireworks delivered seven days a week, between 9 am and 5 pm.

Chorlton Fireworks delivery UK rates vary depending on where you are located but there’s no minimum spend with up so you can place an order even if you simply need a couple of fireworks or some sparklers. Unfortunately, we can’t offer fireworks free delivery, but if you live in the North West you can always drop into our shop in Chorlton and collect as many fireworks as you want.

Quality, Cheap Fireworks: UK Best Prices

Quality and reliability are two of the most important factors when buying fireworks. There’s no way of knowing for sure what to expect at the big moment, so you need to trust the brand or the retailer to supply you with fireworks that won’t let you down.

How Much are Fireworks from Chorlton Fireworks?

Not only do we sell fireworks solely from trusted brands, but we also stock products at the best prices around. Here are some of our best deals on fireworks for those with tight budgets:

  • Soiree Box Fireworks Selection (£25): Nine high-quality fireworks including rockets, mines, roman candles, and barrages. Firework Night is sorted.
  • Tiny Temper Compound Fireworks (£49.99): This is the perfect compound firework for a garden with limited space. That said, it packs a whopping 63 shots and a full minute of fireworks.
  • Little Giant Rockets (£12): This pack contains six individual rockets, each emitting a shimmering array of stars.
  • F2 Low Noise Barrage & Rocket Combo Firework Pack (£75): With 106 shots altogether, this pack features six cakes, a six-pack of rockets, five sparklers, and three portfires.
  • Ocean of Lights (£15): One of our most popular fireworks, this fountain produces a huge fan of light and shimmers for a duration of 2 whole minutes.

Ocean of Lights Fountain

Every fireworks price is based on the cost of making, buying and importing the product. We want everyone to be able to enjoy fireworks so we always try to offer a range of more affordable, cheap fireworks for sale along with higher cost, larger and more powerful products. If you’re looking for very cheap fireworks for sale you can shop by price using the left-hand menu on our category pages, or even search by Price: Low to High using the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen.

We may not be the cheapest fireworks UK retailer but remember that quality and reliability are important to make sure your event goes off with a bang. If a retailer’s cheap fireworks prices seem too good to be true, it’s probably because they are. Always check that the fireworks you buy come from a reputable brand with fireworks suppliers. eBay fireworks or fireworks cheap from second-hand sources should be avoided because you won’t be able to confirm the quality of the seller or the product and when it comes to explosive materials, safety should be your top priority.

Fireworks Sale: UK Best

To bag an even better deal check out our fireworks sale. We always have discount fireworks and products on offer. This might be where you find some of our very cheapest fireworks.

Fireworks for Sale UK Customers Love

You might be planning a massive outdoor fireworks display and thinking can I buy fireworks that will live up to my expectations? Fireworks in UK supermarkets aren’t likely to give you a great deal of variety and flexibility. Similarly, other smaller UK fireworks suppliers might be limited by what they can store in stock. You’re better off checking with a fully licensed, experienced retailer like Chorlton Fireworks. We have an enormous range of big fireworks that produce loud bangs and crackles, and bangers fireworks for sale UK customers will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

If you’re after display fireworks for sale and big, attention-grabbing fireworks, buy from us and we’ll deliver in three to five working days.

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Firework Rocket Bundle 1

Fireworks at Home like Never Before

We supply customers all over the UK every day with iconic home fireworks that stay faithful to our high standards of quality. If you’re planning a firework display you need look no further because we offer everything you need to set up a firework display that’ll make your guests and even your neighbours jealous. We stock the best fireworks to buy for all the major occasions, including:

We offer the best fireworks UK customers can find. Fireworks for the garden at home fall into two different fireworks categories. Cat 2 fireworks have a minimum safe viewing distance of 15 metres (sometimes 8 metres). These are something called garden fireworks because most gardens are large enough to allow the firing of Cat 2 fireworks. Category 3 fireworks have a minimum safe viewing distance of 25 metres. These fireworks are suitable for larger gardens and community spaces where public firework displays take place. If you want to buy fireworks for the garden, find out which category each product falls into on the left-hand side of each product page on our website.

Buy Fireworks: UK Businesses 1st Choice

Owners and managers of bars, clubs, pubs and other hospitality venues can really add something special to their customers’ experiences with fireworks. Adding a touch of the unique to someone’s special meal out or party night will have everyone whipping out their phones to take photos, giving you a boost in user-generated content online. Everyone will remember the excitement of the sparks and light as a sparkler-adorned cocktail or birthday cake come into view.

  • Confetti Cannons: Hand-held confetti cannons mean you can aim high and sprinkly the crowds with a rain of multicoloured or metallic streamers. Confetti cannons make any announcement more fun and dramatic, or simply get the crowd revved up.
  • Gold Confetti: Gold confetti is one of our best sellers. Our confetti comes in bags that make it easy to load confetti cannons in the dark.
  • Indoor Sparklers: Special mini sparklers designed to be used indoors can be fixed into cakes, desserts, cocktails or prosecco bottles.
  • Number Sparklers: We stock sparklers in the shapes of numbers 0-9 so that you can celebrate with a personal touch by adding the birthday boy or girl’s age to their cake.
  • Ice Fountains: A touch different from sparklers, ice fountains produce a thick constant burst of brilliant white and silver for several seconds. Fix an ice fountain to a cake or prosecco bottle to make someone’s night even more special.

Mini Cocktail Sparklers

Our reviews speak for themselves

“Been to pick up an order. First time visiting the shop. Was greeted with a warm hello. Spent the next hour and a half chatting away. Highly recommend this place looking forward to having another visit to collect more products.”

- Friendly Neighbourhood Pyroman

“The display was breathtaking and better than we imagined. It was spectacular from start to finish, really top quality. This company are very easy to deal with and reasonably priced. The venue was very impressed by their minimal intrusion on the event and there was no evidence of their operation on the ground afterwards.

Don’t think we can ask for, or say more.”

- Tim B

“This place is great !! I got my gender reveal smoke grenade and there was really good. Plus was speaking to the guy in there and he has an amazing collection of firework for all ages also he makes his OWN fireworks.

Some of the stuff In there you will never find anywhere but yeah top shop top guy definitely going there for any more fireworks in future.”

- Stephen G

“Great service, well informed, friendly and fireworks are unparalleled to any I've used for good prices.

These are some of the reasons that I only buy my fireworks from Chorlton Fireworks for the last 3 years.”

- Ewan A

Best place to buy fireworks full stop, all year round. Always ready with excellent advice, product knowledge is second to none. Great value bundles of fireworks and always top quality wouldn't go anywhere else.”

- Mark T

“Extremely good value for money, staff extremely helpful with all aspects of my purchase. Would definitely recommend buying your fireworks from here.”

- Joe C

“Very helpful staff recommended some brilliant fireworks and I got plenty for the money. Definitely going to come here for all my fireworks from now on. 100% recommend.”

- Tom D

“Absolutely delighted to find this place, superb professional staff and a pleasure to deal with. Very knowledgable on guidance to the most appropriate firework for your need. Pressure-free environment, friendly service willing to go the extra mile. Definitely use the service again and recommend it to friends.”

- Bev S

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