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Do It Yourself Firework Displays

Fireworks at night

For DIY displays that look professional

Whether you're organising a small back garden party or a larger club social event, if you're firing the display yourself, Chorlton Fireworks has the ultimate DIY guide.

With sufficient planning, safe storage of fireworks, and risk assessments, there's no reason why you can't light a small garden fireworks display yourself. You'll also need insurance and training for larger DIY public displays. And whatever the size of your event, you'll be restricted to firing only consumer fireworks from Categories 1, 2, and 3.

Category 4 fireworks can be dangerous in untrained hands. You'll need to hire a professional firework display operator if you want these industrial fireworks in your running order.

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Doing it yourself may seem daunting, but you're not alone. Here at Chorlton Fireworks, we'll talk you through everything you need to know to design and deliver a safe and thrilling firework display with a difference.

We offer free advice on insurance, risk assessments, and site surveys and even help you select the best fireworks for your event. And to really WOW your audience, we'll show you how to structure and pace your DIY display and which fireworks to use for a great sky filling finale.

We're here to advise you on any DIY display for all events, including associations, clubs, fundraisers, festivals, November 5th, New Year's Eve, and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Fire work display

DIY Checklist - HSE guidance

Can the operator provide evidence of competence?

What training and experience does the operator have? Is there any evidence of formal training?

Does the operator have insurance cover?

Can the operator provide a list of displays he/she has fired in the past, together with the name of each display organiser?

Can the organisers of these earlier displays confirm there were no safety problems involving fireworks?

Is the source of supply or fireworks for the display a reputable company?

Has the operator asked to see the proposed site, or asked for details of it, before giving a quotation?

Has the operator taken the initiative in discussing responsibilities?

Let us help with your DIY firework displays

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It is illegal for under 18s to purchase or Attempt to purchase fireworks
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