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Firework Cakes and firework barrages from all the UK's leading firework brands can be found at Chorlton Fireworks. Adding a firework cake or barrage will make any display a show stopper. Set off hundreds of shots in one go with our cakes and barrages. We handpick the very best fireworks to add to our collection, sourcing fireworks from all the leading brands in the UK and further afoot. If you cannot see the fireworks you are looking for give us a call on 0161 881 3990.

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Barrages and Cakes: FAQs

What are firework barrages and cakes?

Although they might be referred to differently in the industry, cakes and barrages are generally the same types of firework. A cake firework or barrage consists of multiple tubes fixed together, each containing an individual shot.

The unit is fastened together along one fuse so there’s no need to light each shot individually. Once lit, each shot goes off at a timed interval, creating a whole firework display in one go so you don’t have to.

How should you light a barrage or cake firework?

Your firework should come with clear instructions on how it should be prepared and lit. Make sure your barrage or cake is on a stable and flat surface and isn’t in the path of any objects that could cause a hazard or a fire risk.

Locate the fuse and flip it up so that it is away from the rest of the unit, removing any excess packaging like paper wrapped around it. Then light at arm’s length and immediately move away to the recommended distance.

How long do firework cakes last?

How long a cake or barrage lasts depends on the size of the firework and the number of individual shots it contains. This could be anything from a few shots lasting several seconds, like Styx with the active time of 20 seconds; to over hundreds of shots lasting minutes, like this 200 Shot Firework Barrage that lasts for 160 seconds.

The size and duration of your barrage or cake’s active time depend entirely on what you want and how big or long you want your display to be. Check each product page to find out how long the active duration of the product is.

How much do firework cakes and barrages cost?

Our cake fireworks and barrage fireworks range in price meaning there’s something for everyone and every type of display. Find cakes for as little as £13 like Kasjopeja to multipacks of barrages that will kit you out for a massive firework display unlike any other. Check out our 9 pack of compound fireworks that comes with suggested firing order and a pack of portfires.

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