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Start a party on a high note with a blast of confetti from our selection of confetti cannons, reveal a surprise announcement in style, or celebrate a win for all to see with one of our vivid, powerful confetti cannons. We stock quality confetti cannons and confetti that are perfect for any occasion.

Our 80cm, 60cm & 30cm confetti cannons and bags of confetti are available in a range of colours. We also offer bespoke confetti cannons, so if you are after a particular colour of confetti, let us know. We can arrange a bespoke cannon with personalised confetti for you.

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White Confetti Cannon 30cm Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Confetti Cannon 30cm White Tissue
RRP: £4.99
White Confetti Shooter
Confetti Cannon 50cm White Tissue
RRP: £8.99
Gold Confetti Cannon 60cm single Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Confetti Cannon 60cm Gold Foil
RRP: £9.99
Silver Confetti 60cm Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Confetti Cannon 60cm Silver Foil
RRP: £9.99
Low Noise
Bestseller 🔥
Gold Confetti Cannon single
Confetti Cannon 80cm Gold Foil
RRP: £13.99

Premium Confetti Cannons UK Suppliers

All our confetti cannons, confetti, and other fireworks are made by leading UK manufacturers to give you the most impressive effects. If you have any questions or want advice on which confetti cannon, confetti, or other fireworks to choose get in touch today and we’ll advise you. For clubs with air cannons fitted on-site, we offer bags of confetti. Our commercial 1kg bags of silver and gold confetti are easy to load and can fill a venue with sparkling confetti in seconds. Starting from £15 per 1kg bag, our bags of confetti mean you can stock up for upcoming events and special nights. We also offer a cheaper options for wholesale or bulk buys on our full confetti cannon range including 80cm, 60cm, and 30cm gold foil confetti cannons. We also have bags of streamer confetti that come in 1kg bags of Multicoloured Foil Confetti at £18.

Confetti Cannon FAQs

What Colours do Confetti Cannons Come in?

If you’re looking for a confetti cannon that shoots a specific colour of confetti we can help. Confetti Cannons are a favourite for gender reveal parties, and you can find pink and blue cannons with confetti on our website. We’ll supply you with confetti in whatever colour choice you like. Bespoke confetti cannons are a great way to celebrate a sports victory with confetti in your team’s colours or opt for confetti in your brand colours for a corporate event. In addition to pink and blue gender reveal confetti, we also stock gold, silver, and Multicoloured Foil Confetti cannons to suit any event. Order Silver and Gold 1kg packs of loose confetti from us too to supercharge your celebrations.

Where can You use a Confetti Cannon?

Use a Confetti Cannon to make a surprise announcement or create a Kodak moment. We supply confetti cannons and bags of confetti for weddings, birthdays, baby announcements, gender reveals, graduations, promotions, anniversaries, sports events, bars, clubs.

Confetti cannons and confetti make regular appearances at wedding parties and baby showers. The bright colours of cannon confetti make any wedding or baby party a truly joyful occasion. Get ready to snap some pictures of the happy day adorned in confetti. Our cannons come with pink confetti, blue confetti, gold confetti, silver confetti, or multicoloured confetti ready to order online, to make any wedding party or baby shower into a magical scene. We can also arrange confetti in your wedding theme colours or confetti that complements your baby shower. Speak to us about white confetti, or confetti in pastel colours, we’ll be able to help.

Are Confetti Cannons Good for Gender Reveal Parties?

Yes! If you’re planning a baby gender announcement and you want the surprise to include everyone, even the parents, we offer a bespoke service to supply you with a plain cannon with confetti in the corresponding colour. Reveal the gender of your baby and celebrate your surprise with your loved ones in a shower of pink or blue confetti.

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