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Firework Effects by Chorlton Fireworks
Firework Effects
Top 10 Firework Effects

If you're looking to add that WOW factor to your fireworks display, you'll need to include a good mix of effects. To help you understand the difference between some of the most popular effects – and to showcase a few of our customers' favourites – we have prepared this mini guide.


Bright and beautiful, the strobe effect is designed to mimic the flickering and flashing effect seen in standard strobe lighting. Stars blink by burning brightly and dimly in rapid succession to flood the sky with shimmering water effects.


Stunning and graceful, this aerial effect looks like a giant willow tree in the sky. The willow effect begins with a substantial star that's followed by delicate golden or silvery trails that hang in the same way the willow tree would.


Captivating and spectacular, this criss-cross effect forms when stars or comets split into four, flying off symmetrically to make a cross. Once limited to silver or gold effects, you can now enjoy multi-coloured crossettes.

Flying Fish

Fun and sparky, this effect is actually created from short cut lengths of fuse. Once ignited, the fuses propel themselves, zig-zagging rapidly, in multiple directions and look like silver swimming fishes in the sky.


Unique and buzzing, this special effect shell fires spinning aerial stars high into the sky with a whizzing or humming sound. Low pitched hummers sound like bees, while high pitched ones create a screeching sound.

Silver dragons

Fierce and fiery, this is a relatively new effect in consumer fireworks. Stunning bursts fill the sky with a special deep red plum effect while thick silver swirling comet tails (also known as dragon tails) rapidly shoot in different directions across the sky.


Big and majestic, this classic effect is named after the beautiful bloom and forms a flower-like aerial pattern. Hundreds of pretty coloured stars burst outwards from a central point with tails that radiate outward following the stars.


Showy and colourful, this floral effect is similar to chrysanthemum but with fewer stars that burn and streak across the sky. Burning vivid colours, the stars are much larger and travel farther before burning out.

Falling leaves

Shimmering and elegant, this beautiful long-lasting aerial effect consists of a cluster of coloured stars that hang in the air and drift slowly down. As the twinkling stars flutter back and forth, it gives you the impression of falling leaves.


Spider-like and glittery, this common firework effect fills the sky with a myriad of cascading gold trailing stars that seem to hang in the sky as they fall slowly in an umbrella pattern. This stunning effect culminates in a spectacular bright burst.

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