Single Ignition Barrage Fireworks

Single ignition barrage fireworks consist of multiple tubes loaded with shots, connected together by one fuse. When the single ignition fuse is ignited it launches the fireworks shots in timed intervals meaning you only need to ignite the firework once to see a full display, in some cases hundreds of shots!

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We stock quality single ignition fireworks from all the leading brands in the UK for 8-metre and 25-metre fireworks sites. We select the very best each year from the fireworks brands we work with to make sure we always have the largest selection of quality single ignition barrages in the North West.

Single Ignition Barrages: FAQs

What does a single ignition barrage look like?

Displays from single ignition barrages vary and it all depends on the individual shots that are included. Some manufacturers will design a barrage to include various complementing colours and plan out a series of different types of fireworks to produce a certain effect from a single ignition product.

Shots may all be straight, meaning they shot directly up into the air, like Velocity; or mixed meaning you can expect a fan of shots, like Convulsion. Most barrage fireworks contain rockets that shoot up high and explode in a classic arc of light and colour. You can find details of what to expect when you buy and even videos on our product pages to help you decide which single ignition barrage packs to choose.

What is the difference between a barrage and a cake?

In the firework industry, cake fireworks are referred to as barrages because they are virtually the same thing, that is a collection of multiple fireworks shots affixed to one fuse. Going further into detail the actual difference between a single ignition cake and a single ignition barrage comes down to the variety of shots included. Cakes tend to contain one type of shot, usually a straight shot like a roman candle. Single ignition barrages or SIBs contain more variety in shots.

How do you use a single ignition barrage?

As the name suggests, you only need to light a single ignition barrage once for the firework display to begin. Set the barrage down in the right place and light the fuse, then get back and watch the display unfold. We stock 8-metre and 25-metre barrages. Make sure you’re aware of which your single ignition fireworks are so you can put enough distance between yourself and the firework. You can find these details on the product page or packs.

When should you use single ignition barrages?

If you are planning your own firework display then single ignition packs are essential. These handy fireworks do all the work for you, giving you the chance to enjoy your display with other spectators without having to constantly go back and forth to light more fireworks. A single ignition barrage can be used as the climactic centrepiece of your display or as a whole firework display on its own. Single ignition barrage fireworks are impressive and versatile and can be set off on Bonfire Night, at Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and many other large occasions.

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