Strobe & Flare Fireworks

Strobes and flares are a great way to add that something different to your firework display, event or party and give it an unusual look. Use strobes to build up anticipation as the quickly blinking flashes of colour get your guests excited for the main event. Set off flares to make firework displays daring and dramatic or give photoshoots and videos a pop of colour and movement.

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Strobes and Flares: FAQs

What are strobe fireworks?

A strobe firework produces a flashing, blinker effect in a powerful bright red or white. Our strobes stay low to the ground and launch flashes of light upwards in quick succession. You could like several strobes at once if you’re decorating a stage, for example, or set them off one after the other as part of a display.

Strobe fireworks give off a low fizzing sound which is ideal for those that want quieter firework displays.

What are flare fireworks?

Flare fireworks set off a constant steady burn during their active time as a tail of colourful light follows the firework up high into the sky. There is no explosion at the maximum height of a flare but the elegant trail that climbs high into the sky is graceful. People might recognise a flare firework from seeing distress signals set off by ships in films or in real life.

You can also buy handheld flare fireworks that emit a constant burn of colour and light. These add a dynamic creative element to photoshoots, videos, and performances.

Where should you use strobe and flare fireworks?

Packs of strobes and flares add a little extra to your firework display by building up excitement as people anticipate the climax. You might want to plan some strobes or flares at the beginning of your display. If it’s a Bonfire Night celebration you’re planning, adding in some vigorous Red Blinkers/Strobes packs to build up to lighting the bonfire.

Strobes are also a favourite for adding passion and liveliness to dance or song performances or theatre. Buy a pack of strobes to place along the stage to get things started with a bang.

Are strobes and flares loud?

Strobes and flares can definitely be loud but not all of these types of pyrotechnics are high volume. If you’re concerned that a firework display could get too loud, our strobes and flares are good low noise options. We offer strobes and flares that emit a low fizzing noise and don’t have the loud ‘pop’ of a rocket. These stay close to the ground and produce vibrant, brilliant flashes of light.

You can buy many other packs of different low noise fireworks that mean you can still go ahead and put on a display in your garden, but without the worry of upsetting neighbours, young children, or pets.

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