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Smoke Grenades

Set the mood with dramatic swirls and twists of vivid colour and have your guests filled with anticipation, or create a backdrop for photos like no other on a special day with our smoke grenades.

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Smoke Grenade UK Supplier

For trusted smoke grenades and fireworks that you can rely on, order from us. We only work with the best brands in the industry to provide premium smoke grenades. If you need smoke grenades and other firework supplies fast we can offer next day delivery to those in the North West.

Smoke Grenade FAQs

How Long do Smoke Grenades Last?

Most smoke grenades produce a nice thick smoke effect that lasts for up to 90 seconds, giving you all the time needed to take important photos or video shots. Our WP40 Smoke Grenades by Enola Gaye offer a minimum of 90 seconds of active time.

What do Smoke Grenades Look Like when Activated?

High-quality smoke grenades come in a vast range of colours to create any mood. Thick smoke will emit from the shell producing clouds of colour that swirl and hang in the air. Handheld Coloured Smoke Grenades are ideal for smaller operations or performances.

Where are Smoke Grenades Used?

Smoke grenades add drama to photoshoots and a unique atmosphere to performances, videos and events. Yellow smoke grenades are even used in paintball games as non-toxic ‘mustard gas’. The last thing you want is a short-lived, weak smoke grenade on a one-of-a-kind day with no second takes. Our highly reliable smoke grenades add a boost to all kinds of events, such as weddings, gender reveals, theatrical performances, photoshoots, paintball, fashion shows, dance routines, birthday parties, or even Halloween.

From Black to Yellow to Purple: What Colours do Smoke Grenades Come in?

We stock smoke grenades in various colours including red, black, purple, yellow, green, white, and orange. If you’re looking for pink smoke grenades or blue smoke grenades we have those too. We also stock larger multipacks like the 100 pack of Red Smoke Grenades/Flares.

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