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Fireworks Safety: How to Stay Safe When Using Fireworks

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Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate Firework Night and other holidays, but it's important to stay safe while using them. This blog post will discuss some tips for staying safe while using fireworks. We'll also talk about the age restrictions on using fireworks in your state, and we'll take a look at the different types of fireworks that can be used in your garden. Celebrate safely this year by following our tips!

What are the hazards and dangers of using fireworks?

Fireworks can be great fun, but they always come with risks. Some of the hazards and dangers of using fireworks include:

1. Fire: Fire is one of the biggest dangers of using fireworks. If a firework doesn't go off as planned, it can start a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and never try to relight a "dud" firework.

2. Injury: Fireworks can also cause injuries. Each year, people are injured by fireworks. The most common injuries are burns and eye injuries. Follow the safety instructions on the fireworks packaging, and ensure you have a first aid kit nearby

3. Noise: Fireworks can be very loud. You could damage your hearing if standing too close to them when they go off. Be sure very young children or people with sensitivity to noise wear earplugs or headphones if they are going to be near fireworks when they are being set off. You should also make sure nervous pets are safe when you set off fireworks.

Important Safety Tips for Using Fireworks

- Always read the instructions and warning labels before using fireworks.

- Only use fireworks as directed.

- Keep a safe distance from other people when using fireworks.

- Never let children light or play with fireworks unsupervised.

- Store fireworks in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

- Dispose of fireworks properly after use.

- Never try to relight or pick up fireworks that have not fully functioned.

- Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Do not drink alcohol while handling fireworks.

If you follow these simple safety tips, you can enjoy using fireworks while keeping yourself and others.

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UK Laws About Firework Safety

In the UK, fireworks are age-restricted for safety reasons. Children aged 16 or under are not allowed to purchase fireworks. Adults purchasing fireworks must be 18 years or older.

In the UK, there are laws in place governing the use of fireworks. These laws are in place to ensure that people using fireworks are doing so safely and responsibly. The primary law governing the use of fireworks is the Fireworks Regulations 2004. This law states that it is illegal to let off or throw fireworks in a public place, including sparklers. So make sure you use fireworks responsibly in your own garden, or if you are in a public space, only with approval from your local authority.

There are different categories of fireworks, and each category has its own legal restrictions and safe use distance. Find out about the different firework categories in our blog.

The UK's Firework Code offers the following advice for staying safe when using fireworks:

- Only buy fireworks that carry the CE mark (this indicates that they comply with European safety standards).

- Never use fireworks when drunk or under the influence of drugs.

- Ensure that there is a responsible adult present supervising any fireworks activity.

- Follow the instructions on each firework carefully, and never try to alter or modify them in any way.

- Never point or throw fireworks at other people.

- Keep fireworks in a closed metal or plastic box or tin when not in use, and ensure that the box is kept well away from any ignition sources.

- Light fireworks at arm's length using a taper, and never put them in your pocket or throw them.

- Stand well back from fireworks after lighting them, and never return to a firework once it has been lit.

- Never experiment with homemade fireworks.

- Dispose of used fireworks safely, dowsing them in water and wrapping them in paper before putting them in a metal bin. You can also put used sparkers in a bucket of sand or soil.

If you are attending a public fireworks display, follow the safety advice of the organisers. In general, it is safest to watch fireworks from behind a barrier at a safe distance. Small children should always be supervised and kept well away from fireworks.

If you have any leftover fireworks after Bonfire Night, do not store them until next year. Fireworks deteriorate over time and can become more dangerous, so it is best to dispose of them safely as soon as possible. Your local authority should have designated firework disposal sites where you can take used fireworks. Alternatively, many supermarkets and garden centres will also accept fireworks for disposal.

What types of fireworks can be used in the garden?

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Types of fireworks that can be used in the garden include sparklers, fountains, cones, and wheels. It is important to keep in mind that some fireworks are not meant for use outside and should only be used in a controlled setting. Always read the firework label to ensure you are using it safely and in the correct setting.

Sparklers are one type of firework that can be used safely in the garden, but it is important to follow some safety tips. Only adults should light sparklers, and they should be kept away from children. Sparklers should also be lit one at a time and held at arm's length. Once a sparkler has been used, it should be placed in a bucket of water to be extinguished before being thrown away.

Fountains are a type of firework that can be used safely in the garden. They are typically small and compact and can be easily lit with a lighter. Fountain fireworks should not be used by children and should be kept away from other types of fireworks as they activate at ground level.

Catherine wheel fireworks are a type of firework that should be nailed to a post in the middle of the garden. They spin around at high speed and can cause a lot of damage if they are not used correctly. So take extra care your Catherine wheel is a distance away from any trees or fences.

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