23 May, 2023
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35 Ideas and Inspiration to Create a Memorable Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Parties are officially a growing trend and once the sex of the baby - or babies - is revealed, what better way to celebrate than with your loved ones. It can be tricky to know where to start with the planning, especially if you want to wait for the gender to be revealed to you at the party! Bring in a trusted friend or family member to help with the preparations - they can be responsible for keeping the big secret until the big reveal.

Here are some ideas of how to announce your wonderful news with your nearest and dearest.

1. Gender Reveal Fireworks

Get your celebrations off with a bang with Gender Reveals Fireworks. Unique, dramatic and impressive, the range that is available can suit any budget. Imagine sharing the anticipation and excitement with those closest to you with the spectacular display of pink or blue…or both!

2. Gender Reveal Video/Message

This is great for overseas loved ones who can’t be there to celebrate in person, or if you wanted to get creative with the camera as a couple.

Etsy have a range of ideas where you can edit and buy, so that you can send out to whomever you want to share it with.

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Image source: Etsy

3. Pinata

A great one for the kids at the gender reveal party, or simply the competitive grown ups! We love the Rose Gold Gender Reveal Pinata range that are filled with blue or pink confetti. Why not add your own blue or pink sweet treats, too?

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Image source: Ginger Ray

4. Treasure Hunt

Get all of your guests involved in a scavenger hunt to find clues on the sex of your baby. You could use some ready-made gender reveal scavenger hunt cards for your scavengers to follow, but there are many ideas on Pinterest also. Get inspiration first, and then make it more personal to your family and personalities.

4 treasure hunt

Image source: Etsy

5. Balloon Pop

A very popular way of revealing the gender of your baby. There are so many beautiful ideas - shapes, sizes and colours of balloons to choose from. Ask your local party/balloon shops for designs for inspiration, or you can DIY and find a design on Amazon (so you’ll need your own helium). Get your cameras ready to capture that special moment.

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Image source: Amazon

6. Cake

Why not roll your sleeves up and get on your apron to bake a special cake that will reveal the gender of your baby to your guests. Of course, if you are to be surprised at the party too (or you aren’t a fan of baking) visit your favourite cake-making shop with your sealed envelope from the sonographer. They will have lots of ideas and will gladly suit the design to your chosen theme. Please note that there might be a specific notice-giving period to make your cake, so check with them first to see if it will be ready in time for your party. Blue or pink sponge, or coloured candy fillings are popular choices.

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7. Cupcakes

Instead of one, cake, have lots! Pink-or-blue-filled cupcakes are a great way of getting your guests involved in the reveal, collectively. Count down 3, 2, 1, BITE! There are thousands of designs to choose from that will go with your chosen theme.

Gender reveal cupcakes

Image source:

8. Silly String

If you don’t mind a bit of mess, why not get your guests to shake and spray to reveal the gender of your baby? You may want to warn your guests to bring a spare set of clothes, or you could even provide some overalls. These downloadable and printable labels can stick on your silly string canisters, “He or she, spray to see”.

8 silly string

Image source: Etsy

9. Smoke Bombs

Smoke Grenades & Smoke Flares are a great alternative to loud fireworks if you want to keep the noise down, especially if you have pets or guests who are afraid of loud bangs. These make for stunning photographs with clouds of vivid pinks or blues announcing your news.


Image source: Pinterest

10. Fortune Cookies

Another lovely idea for those with a sweet tooth is to have your guests open gender reveal fortune cookies. Signifying luck, they are a lovely idea, symbolic of the mystery of the gender hidden inside!


Image source:

11. Scratch Cards

Perfect for a more low-key gender reveal party, scratch cards can bring just as much excitement and anticipation. You could even post these to those whom you’d like to share your news with, if you didn’t actually want the gathering. These gender reveal scratch cards can be personalised with your own messages, giving them a unique feel.

11 scratch cards

Image source: Etsy

12. Breakable Chocolate

This is becoming a popular trend amongst gender reveal parties. Get all of your guests involved with these chocolate smash balls which leave your guests with a surprise blue or pink sweet treat inside. There are also DIY moulds where you (or another who is behind the planning) can create at home.

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Image source: Not on the High Street

13. Pets photo shoot

Get your furry friends involved in the announcement of the gender of your baby. Pink or blue balloons, perhaps alongside the scan picture and a cute cuddly toy can make the perfect shot. This could be a posted greeting card or simply for your social media. Either way, great for the memories. Amazon sell cute bandanas for your dog to wear for their photo.

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Image source: Amazon

14. Soccer Ball

Football fan? What better way to discover the gender of your baby than to kick a ball to reveal confetti or powder matched with the gender of your baby! These gender reveal exploding footballs are great. This could prove to be a very tense penalty shoot-out! Rugby and cricket balls are also available to purchase.

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Image source: Amazon

15. Crackers

How about a celebratory dinner party for your loved ones, where you dress the table creatively and place gender reveal crackers for you all to pull? The crackers can be filled with pink or blue confetti, showering the news to you and your guests.

16. Golf Roulette

Another way to bring sports into your gender reveal party! This fun golf roulette game from Etsy has what you need to build the excitement, so that all of your guests can watch in anticipation of whether the golf ball will explode in a cloud of pink or blue.

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Image source: Etsy

17. Water Fight

Weather-and-temperature-depending, this is a pretty unique and fun way of announcing the gender of your baby. Simply fill water guns with pink or blue paint/water and you’re good to go. This can be a free-for-all water fight, or you could even have the parent(s)-to-be stand in the middle with guests surrounding them, count down, and spray them with the paint. Let the chaos commence!


Image source: Pinterest

18. Confetti Cannons

If you want to add a ‘pop’ of colour to your celebrations, these confetti cannons from Chorlton Fireworks are a perfect find.


Image source: Pinterest

19. Lightsabers

Great especially for Star Wars fans, you could have a ‘Luke or Leia’ theme and have a gender reveal lightsaber ceremony with your guests!

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Image source: Amazon

20. Photo Cards

If you opt for a gender reveal without the guests, you can bring the gender reveal to them by sending out photo cards. Cover your bump in glitter or paint if you want that to be the focal point. Or simply hold a sign with your announcement.


Image source: Pinterest

Let’s discuss themes at the gender reveal party. Of course, you can keep this as minimalist or over the top as you like. But here are some themes that you can explore to make it a day to remember. Consider decorations, food, drinks and overall atmosphere.

21. Colour

Decide whether you want to keep things neutral - golds, silvers, greens? Rainbow? Or will you opt for the pastel pinks and blues? It is a good idea to stick to one colour scheme to help streamline your overall theme. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and Google Images to get your ideas flowing.

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Image source: Amazon

22. Decor

Will you have balloons? Bunting? A selfie wall? Baby blocks? Lit up letters? Backdrops? No matter what space you are working with, it is always possible to style it in a way that suits what you want. Bear in mind that if the party is at your home, stick to the main areas where guests will be, and decorate accordingly. For example, It might be that guests will just be in your garden, so stick to decorations in that area. If you are in a hired space, check with the owners about what you can and can’t have inside and outside of the venue.

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Image Source:

23. Food

There are so many ways that you can incorporate food into your chosen theme, but this doesn’t need to be complicated. Choosing one or two items - sweet treats usually work best and are easiest to do - will enable your theme to flow. A grazing table is an ever-growing popular trend to have at gatherings these days. This Baby Grazing Board can serve your guests whatever you choose.

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Image source: Amazon/ Ginger Ray

24. Drinks

Gender reveal mocktails can be served as welcome drinks in line with your colour theme and there are endless recipes out there that you can share with your guests. Why not have a bit of fun with serving them in baby bottles? Or you could allow your guests to help themselves with large drinks dispensers. Your guests could even pour themselves a pink or blue drink as their ‘guess’ just before the reveal takes place, ready to toast to your news. Etsy has printable labels that you can put onto your dispensers if you’re creating your own.

24 drinks

Image source: Etsy

From cake toppers, photo props, straws, cups, napkins and tableware to balloons, Here are some ways that you can utilise a chosen gender theme.

25. Bows or Bowties

You could also do boots or bows here. Try a guessing game for your guests to participate in. You could also have selfie props and cake toppers that would make a great streamlined theme.

25 bows or bowties

Image source: Etsy

26. Little Mister or Little Miss

Why not incorporate a true or false quiz or a baby trivia game into this theme and have your guests compete, boys against girls?

26 mister or miss

Image source: Etsy

27. Lashes or ‘Staches

This can also be ‘lips or moustaches’. Props for photos and cake toppers make this theme so easy to do. Make a statement with your theme straight away for when your guests arrive with a welcome sign.

Lashes or staches

Image source: Etsy

28. Senor or Senorita

Fantastic theme for food - serve your guests paella and tapas style dishes that can be washed down with some sangria for the ultimate siesta. These Spanish siesta-style biscuits would give the finishing touch.

Iced sugar cookie senor

Image source: The Iced Sugar Cookie - Etsy

29. Prince or Princess

Think carriages, crowns, tiaras and royal props. Have your guests write their names under ‘Team Prince or team Princess’ as a special keepsake for your memories after the celebrations. These editable and downloadable game posters are great to start building the anticipation, and of course to check who was right or wrong.

29 prince or princess

Image source: Etsy

30. Cowboy or cowgirl

Bring the Wild Wild West to this theme. Incorporate boots, neckerchiefs and horses!

31. Tux or Tutu

This can also be used as a ‘Touchdown or tutu” theme if you wanted to opt for an American style. Biscuits as favours for your guests are a lovely gift.

Touchdown or tutus

Image source: Pinterest

32. Minnie or Mickey

A timeless theme to welcome your baby!

32 minnie or mickey

Image source: Etsy

33. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Nursery rhymes are a nostalgic route to go down to set your idea for your theme.


Image source: Pinterest

34. Jungle/Animal

A wonderful neutral yet vibrant way of decorating for a gender reveal.


Image source: Etsy

35. Invites

These are optional, but can tie in with any theme that you have in mind - printable or digital.

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Image source:

However which way you decide to plan, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is having fun and finally discovering what delights await you on the other side of the gender reveal.

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