15 Mar, 2022
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Ice Fountain Firework FAQs

Ice fountains are loved by hospitality businesses, along with their customers, up and down the UK. Here we answer all the most commonly asked questions about these fierce indoor fireworks.

To get a general run-down on exactly what an ice fountain firework is and how it works, check out our blog.

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Can you use ice fountains indoors?

Yes. Ice fountains are indoor fireworks and are specially designed to be safe to use inside. They are ideal for events inside like sit-down meals, presentations, pub outings, club nights, and more.

You can almost always guarantee that an ice fountain firework is safe to use indoors, but it’s best to check the packaging to confirm it. All of our ice fountains are safe to use indoors.

Are ice fountains safe?

Provided your ice fountains are made by a professional, reputable manufacturer they will be safe, having passed necessary safety tests.

All shops in the UK that have a license to sell fireworks should stock only products that meet stringent UK and EU safety regulations. Ice fountains UK consumers purchase should meet British & European Standards BS EN: 14035-15 for safety and quality, meaning they should display the CE mark on the product body or packaging. If you can’t see this on the product or packaging ask the manufacturer to supply you with the information.

No matter whether ice fountains are CE marked or not, they are only safe if you use them correctly. Find out about how to safely use ice fountains in our blog.

How long do ice fountains burn for?

Ice fountains should provide you with a good few seconds of burn time in order to carry them to your customers and allow them to get a good look, take some photos, and sing Happy Birthday.

Our ice fountains have an extra-long burn time of 65 seconds, more than enough time for everyone in your venue to get a good look.

Where can you use ice fountains?

We sell mini ice fountains packs of 4 which are popular for private use in your home, but ice fountains are more popular among hospitality businesses. We also sell commercial-sized packs of 240 and 480 all the way up to 1,920 packs for stockists and firework shops. Types of businesses that commonly use ice fountains include:

  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Party venues
  • Private sports boxes
  • Wedding venues
  • Theatres
  • Concert venues

Want some inspiration for how to wow your customers with ice fountain fireworks? Check our article Who Can Use Ice Fountains? 4 Instagrammable Ideas for Businesses.

How old do you need to be to buy ice fountains?

Ice fountains are classed as category 1 fireworks and as such, they can only be bought by people aged 18 and above. It is an offence to sell fireworks to anyone underage.

If you look like you’re under 25, you may be asked to show a photo ID when buying ice fountains or other fireworks. Find out more about age restrictions on fireworks in our blog.

Can I attach an ice fountain to a bottle?

Yes! Many club promoters, bars, and event venues like to present their guests with bottles of prosecco, champagne, or wine adorned with an ice fountain (or two, or three). This is made safe and easy with an ice fountain bottle holder.

Our ice fountain bottle holders come in packs of 25 or 100 depending on your needs. They can be used to easily clip up to three ice fountains to one bottle, for an elegant and professional look while your staff can carry them safely.

What category of firework are ice fountains?

Ice fountains are classed as a category 1 firework. Category 1 fireworks generally have a safe viewing distance of 1 metre minimum. Your ice fountains may specify their safe viewing distance and any associated instructions on their packaging.

Some category 1 fireworks like indoor sparklers are safe to use inside, but not all. It’s best to check the packaging to confirm your ice fountains are for indoor use, like ours. We cover firework categories from one to four in more detail in our blog.

What are ice fountains otherwise known as?

Ice fountains for cakes are sometimes called ‘cake fountains’. ‘Indoor fireworks’ and ‘cocktail fountains’ are some other names for ice fountains.

What are ice fountains made of?

An ice fountain firework consists of a cardboard tube that makes up the body of the firework. This is tightly packed with a combustible powder that contains chemicals to produce different colours, light, flames, and sparks. Usually ice fountains are a silvery-white colour.

The combustible material is packed right up to the opening of the top of an ice fountain so it doesn’t need a fuse. The only other component is the plastic mounting pin which is affixed to the bottom of the firework if it’s being mounted on a cake.

Find out more about indoor ice fountains in our article What Are Ice Fountains? How Do They Work?

Can you hold ice fountain fireworks?

You should not hold an ice fountain directly as this could cause injury. Firmly attaching an ice fountain to a cake or bottle is the best way to hold one. Using empty bottles is a good way to allow your staff to safely hold and carry ice fountains for display or performance.

Where can I buy ice fountains?

You should always aim to source ice fountains from a licensed firework retailer to keep your staff and customers safe and to ensure you get a good, reliable result each time.

Chorlton Fireworks is a fully licensed firework retailer and sole distributor for Prestigious Pyrotechnics, the leading seller of ice fountains and fireworks in the North West of the UK. Buy ice fountains directly from our website or visit us in Chorlton.

How much do ice fountains usually cost?

Generally, a 4 pack of ice fountains shouldn’t be more than £5. When buying in bulk you have the opportunity to pay less per unit, saving you money in the long run. Find cheap ice fountains on our websites:

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