26 Apr, 2023
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The Biggest Fireworks Ever Made

When it comes to fireworks, intense colours, loud noises, and impressive shows are all the rage. While we can appreciate dainty sparklers, there's endless awe in large types of fireworks. Who doesn't want to end their celebrations with gigantic pyrotechnics?

However, not all large fireworks are created equally. Some firework makers have put in the extra mile and crafted record-breaking fireworks that wow spectators worldwide. From rockets to Catherine wheels, all types of fireworks have been pushed to the limits—and we can't get enough of them.

In this blog, we're looking at the largest fireworks ever made and marvelling at these creations. We're also including some of the best novelty fireworks in history and longest fireworks display, so you know who you need to outdo if you're trying to set your own world record. Let's dive in.

The World's Largest Fireworks

We're kicking off the list with the current official "World's Largest Aerial Firework" from the Guinness World Records.

This record for the largest aerial firework shell was last broken in Colorado in the United States by Ed Mcarthur, Tim Borden, James Cowden Widmann, and Eric Krug. The brave team broke the record on the 8th of February 2020 with an impressive aerial firework weighing 1,268 kg.

The final firework shell measured a whopping 1.44m, and the shell's diameter was a solid 17.78cm thick. Inside the 82.07km of gummed paper tape were 380 individual comet fireworks.

The team even needed to build a special 1.57m giant mortar to light the record-setting firework.

The spectacular firework was lit at the end of the Steamboat Spring 2020 Winter Carnival show, an annual event that's been a ritual for over a century. And yes, it was a show-stopping end to the firework show.

The World's Largest Catherine Wheel

Catherine wheels are a popular addition to any fireworks display, thanks to their unique spinning appearance.

You can purchase these in various sizes, but do you know how large the current Catherine wheel record holder is? The current "World's Largest Catherine Wheel" measures 32.044m in diameter. Now, that's one way to put on a show.

This record was broken by the Lily Fireworks Factory in Mqabba, Malta, on the 18th of June, 2011. The firework was powerful enough to complete four separate revolutions with their own power, which is a big deal when the firework is longer than a double-decker bus!

Longest waterfall firework

The World's Largest Firework Display

While the individual fireworks records are impressive, we've got to mention the current record holder for the "World's Largest Firework Display."

The winner of this exciting title goes to the Church of Christ in the Philippines, which put on a record-breaking New Year's Eve show on January 1st 2016. In this show, 810,940 fireworks were lit, resulting in a multi-colour mirage in the sky.

The display ran for 1 hour, 1 minute, and 32.35 seconds starting from the stroke of midnight. And it was all in the pouring rain.

Largest Chocolate Firework

Finally, we're topping off the list with the "World's Largest Chocolate Firework."

On the 31st December 2002 in Zurich, Nestle created a chocolate firework measuring 3m in height and 1.5 m in diameter. Not only was this chocolate firework massive, but it released 60 kg of chocolate when it exploded—a sweet surprise for all in attendance.

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