24 Sept, 2021
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The Top 10 Loud Fireworks: Supercharge Your Fireworks Night

If you’re not restricted to low noise fireworks to keep the neighbours and pets happy, you might be on the hunt for some truly thunderous fireworks. The loud crackle and bang of a firework are sometimes as exciting as watching the shower of sparks and tails that rain down in the sky. Here are some of our favourites, and some best-selling loud fireworks.

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What are the loudest fireworks?

The loudest type of fireworks available to the public to buy is a mine. Mine fireworks, sometimes also called dump cakes, release one single shot or multiple shots all at once from ground level. This is where they get the name ‘mine’ from, as the shots look like they are exploding directly out of the ground. Mines are the loudest fireworks thanks to the noise produced by their entire contents exploding all at once.

Fireworks that aren’t available for consumers to buy, like those used in the London New Year’s Eve Firework display and other large-scale firework displays are usually Category 4 fireworks. These are larger than some you can buy from firework retailers, but won’t be louder than the loudest ones that consumers can buy.

How loud can fireworks be?

The WHO has defined the volume limit of fireworks to be 120 decibels. This is the loudest volume that a child can be exposed to. Any noise pressure higher than this is at risk of causing damage to the eardrum of a child. Adults can tolerate a slightly higher volume of 140 decibels, but no firework can be over 120 decibels in volume in order to keep all audience members safe.

What makes a firework loud?

There are several components to a firework that contribute to its loud noise. Firstly a firework will contain propellant which is used to thrust the firework high into the sky. This is the component that usually produces the ‘whoosh’ noise as a firework climbs up. Then, there’s the burst charge, which causes the shell to explode and the combustible material inside to produce the intended effect. The burst charge will create a bang sound as it explodes. The larger the burst and the bigger the firework, the louder the burst charge.

Finally, there is one element added to a firework purposefully intended to create a noise and this is called the salute. The salute produces the dramatic, theatrical crack of a firework. The salute is often removed when making silent fireworks. Find out more about what makes a firework loud and what doesn’t in our blog post Silent Fireworks: What to Expect.

Our Top 10 Loud Fireworks

1. Thunder 6 Rocket Pack

Thunder rockets shoot up and produce a bone-shaking ‘boom’ as each burst turns into a cloud of shimmering golden stars. In the lead up to the burst, your guests can watch a beautiful crackling tail shoot up with anticipation. As its name suggests, the sound of this firework is a thunderous blast that echoes across the sky.

This pack comes with six rockets so you can disperse them throughout your firework display, or set them off one after the other. You could start your display with one of these super-loud fireworks to grab everyone’s attention and let them know you mean business.

2. Twisted Spirits Barrage Pack

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This Category 3 firework pack is a great choice for larger gardens that can support a 25-metre viewing distance or public firework shows in parks and community spaces. With the pack, you’re all set to put on an intense firework display. This pack was handpicked by our team and put together creatively so that even if you know nothing of firework displays, yours will look totally professional.

In the pack, you get eight individual loud barrages, each containing multiple shots in a mixture of colours and patterns. Each barrage only needs to be lit once for all of its consecutive shots to go off. With 265 shots in total, this will make a truly deafening firework show.

3. Jack It Up Barrage

Jack It Up is a pretty, colourful firework that produces a resounding cacophony of shots, 100 in all. This firework barrage starts with a red strobe mine, which produces a cloud of glowing red sparks, followed by a multicoloured strobe mine. This is all topped off with a barrage of orange tails. Jack It Up packs all of its 100 shots into just 20 seconds making this one of our most full-on loud fireworks.

Jack It Up is a great firework to use in the middle of your firework display to get the blood pumping and build up excitement among your audience. Following this with a couple of high-rising loud rockets like Thunder or King Crown.

4. Tequila Slammer Mine

If you’re really looking for fireworks to ring in your guests’ ears, choose a mine firework. Here’s one of our loudest mine fireworks that produces an earth-shattering, three-stage volley of bursts that will have your audience awe-struck.

Watch with excitement as this mine firework starts with a red crackle fountain close to the ground followed by a fan of white shimmering light and finally a crack of multiple bursts high in the sky. This firework produces 11 shots in all and is over in 11 seconds as one of the most intense mine fireworks available.

5. No Limit Compound Firework

We describe No Limit as ‘full-on from start to finish’ and it’s true. This powerful compound firework is one of the most dynamic in the variety of patterns and shots it produces, all while giving off super loud booms that quake in the sky.

Ignite No Limits only once to watch this incredible firework display. You’ll see beautiful gold tails and red stars burst in the sky followed by fanned silver strobes which lick larger fanned, multicoloured breaks just above. Watch the video to get a good idea of how this unique firework will look and sound in action.

6. 25 Shot Firework Barrage

This 25 Shot barrage is a loud, attention-grabbing firework for smaller gardens (no, we haven’t forgotten about you!) This Category 2 firework has a minimum safe viewing distance of 15 metres, meaning it’s suitable for most gardens, while still packing a punch with every burst.

This firework contains 45 bursts in all and lasts for 46 seconds. Watch as brocade tails to brocade bursts in red and green fill the sky with glittering light and resounding cracks.

7. Thunder King Barrage

Even if you’ve got a smaller than average garden, there’s a loud firework for you! Thunder king has a minimum safe viewing distance of only eight metres, meaning you can set it off in smaller, more built-up garden spaces.

Thunder King is one of our more unusual fireworks, producing a loud, squealing whistle as each of its 50 shots spirals up into the sky in a torrent of silver tails. If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your firework display that people haven’t seen before, this is it. Add this in towards the end of your display to keep your guests guessing for what will come next.

8. Brexit Cake Firework

Brexit is a dump cake, which is very similar to a mine firework and therefore extremely loud. All 25 shots in this firework are fired at the same time, producing an enormous blast of light and sound in just five seconds. Watch as a wide fan of gold and slider bursts light up the night sky.

This is a perfect finale firework, ending on a high note while giving your audience a final thrill with one of, if not the, loudest firework in your repertoire.

9. The Dark Demolisher Cake Firework

The Dark Demolisher is another of our loudest dump cakes, producing the same intense effect as Brexit with 19 shots fired all at once for a stunning explosion of pyrotechnics. Watch this firework emit a two-tiered burst of brilliant metallic stars accompanied by a loud and thunderous crackle.

Plan a dump cake like this as the grand finale of your display, or use it to punctuate your show in two parts. This is often a good idea if smoke from the shots is building up in the air and causing the view to be obstructed.

10. King Crown Rockets

Speaking of grand finales, our final loud firework on the top ten list is one of the classics: a traditional but super-loud rocket, the King Crown. You get two of these in a pack to double up on this jaw-dropping effect of this firework.

King Crown whistles up high into the air, building up your audience’s anticipation, then bursts in tails of gold that twinkle and hang in the air. King Crown features an enormous burst which results in one of our largest firework spans, filling up the sky. This means it comes with one of the loudest, reverberating explosive sounds available.

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