24 Apr, 2023
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The Longest Firework Displays Around The World

Have you ever visited a fireworks display that felt like it was over in seconds?

Short displays are magical, but truly amazing fireworks displays are longer. Watching fireworks displays on YouTube or in person is a mesmerising experience, especially if the fireworks are bright, bold, and last a long time.

Throughout history, we’ve consistently worked to create bigger and better fireworks displays. From the biggest fireworks ever made to record-breaking pyrotechnic advances, humans are fascinated with lighting the skies.

Today, we’re focusing on the longest fireworks displays to highlight the creativity and passion for fireworks worldwide. Scroll down to get started.

Church Of Christ, Philippines 2016

We’re starting the list with the official Guinness World Record holder for the “World’s Largest Firework Display.” This record is held by the Church of Christ in the Philippines and their 2016 New Year's firework display.

During the ground-breaking display, 810,940 fireworks were launched over a 1 hour, 1 minute, and 32.35 second period. You read that right. This impressive long fireworks display lasted for just over an hour.

The first few fireworks were lit after the clock struck midnight in 2016, bringing the crowds into the new year with a fantastic show. Take note of this show if you’re planning birthday or wedding fireworks soon!

Kuwait City 2011

Before the 2016 Philippines world record, the title was held by Kuwait City’s 2011 firework show.

This display involved a staggering 77,282 fireworks and lasted for precisely an hour. So, the Philippines’ show only outperformed Kuwait’s length by 1.3235 minutes!

Kuwait City’s fireworks were detonated across the city's shoreline, and thousands of people gathered to enjoy the celebrations. The display was in honour of Kuwait’s golden jubilee, and it marked 50 years since the state created a parliament and a constitution.

Madeira 2006

Before Kuwait City and the Philippines, there was Madeira’s New Year's Eve fireworks display. Though it’s now been outperformed, this display still stands as one of the longest fireworks displays in the world.

This New Year's fireworks display lasted for a total of 37 minutes, and over 660,000 individual fireworks were used. This display was unique because it was spread across Madeira’s Funchal city harbour and nearby areas, giving an immersive experience to viewers. Much better than homemade fireworks.

Bonus: The Longest Straight Line Firework Display

We’ve been looking at fireworks displays in terms of time, but do you know which display holds the record for the longest distance covered? There’s even a Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Straight-Line Fireworks Display’.

The current holder of this title is Fireworks by Grucci, Ras Al Khaimah Rak, and Marjan for a New Year's Eve display in the UAE. Their straight line of fireworks measured 13.002 km (8.07 miles), which means their display was approximately 140 football pitches long. Amazing.

Making Your Own Firework Display

Hopefully, these long firework displays have inspired you to create your own. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or the New Year, or perhaps you just fancy creating a display, ensure you work with high-quality fireworks from a trusted retailer. Safety always comes first when working with pyrotechnics!

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