01 Sept, 2021
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The Top Ten Failproof Wedding Fireworks

Do you want your wedding to go off with a bang? Perhaps you’re not the one getting married and instead intend to surprise the bride and groom with an extravagant display? Fireworks are a regular guest at weddings, bringing in a wonderful atmosphere of excitement and getting everyone in the mood for a party.

But what do you choose for your wedding? As firework experts, we’ve put together a list of our top ten recommendations of fireworks for weddings to help you make sure yours goes off, not with a fizzle, but with a bang!

1. Extra Long Wedding Sparklers

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These 70cm long silver sparklers burn for a lengthy time of 90 seconds making them ideal not only for entertaining your guests but for setting up a grand entrance. Hand out extra long sparklers to your wedding guests to have fun with or fix them to your wedding arches or other decorative furnishings for a stylish photo opportunity.

2. Gold Confetti Cannon

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Gold adds a touch of class to a wedding like nothing else. With a gold confetti cannon, you can produce a dynamic and subtle effect that will have everyone getting their phones out to take photos. Afterwards, you’ll have shimmering hints of gold draped across your wedding venue, giving everything a little sparkle.

3. The Beast from the East Compound Firework

A compound firework means you can set off a whole display from just one ignition. Each compound firework has been professionally designed to include a selection of varying fireworks that complement each other. We recommend the Beast from the East because of its multitude of colours, shimmering light and twinkling sparkles.

4. White Smoke Grenade

Create a truly unique photoshoot at your wedding with a coloured smoke grenade. These can be activated to emit a flume of thick vibrant coloured smoke that will hang in the air and billow through your wedding scenery. We recommend using a white smoke grenade to produce an elegant, dramatic effect throughout foliage outside that can be used as a backdrop for your photos.

5. Whistle to Titanium Salute Daytime Firework

You’d be wrong if you thought that fireworks are only for after dark. If your wedding party takes place in the daylight this daytime firework is specially designed with bright, thick, lashings of silvery light that shoot up into the sky. This firework is also accompanied by a loud and unusual whistling salute, making it all the more enjoyable in a daytime display.

6. Ghost Rider Mine Firework

The Ghost Rider Mine firework launches 25 shots in quick succession, producing an effect that has the appearance of going off ‘all at once’. Mine fireworks are powerful and extravagant, ideal for officially opening a party or designing a dramatic entrance for the happy couple. This firework shoots off explosions of brilliant white and passionate red light.

7. Horsetails Brocade to Colour Low Noise Firework

Here’s a perfect firework for those who want to add something totally unique to their wedding. The firework launches 49 shots of beautiful red willows which give off plumes of light one after the other. This is a firework your guests likely won’t have seen before and will stay in their memories for years to come. This is also a low noise firework, friendly to neighbours and nearby pets or other animals like horses.

8. Glacier Rising Fountain Firework

Make the perfect entrance to your wedding evening party with a couple of fountain fireworks on either side of you. We chose Glacier Rising for its classy, understated silvery light which gradually builds in height and intensity.

9. Ice Fountains

Ice Fountains bucket 1 e893beea44ec02f0739b8e4993f57d85

Ice fountains are fun to decorate a wedding cake with or use to present a bottle of champagne. If you manage a venue that regularly holds weddings, you might want to stock up on a multipack of ice fountains you can whip out to make catering that little bit more exciting. Our ice fountains last for over a minute meaning you have ample time to present or cut the cake and take a few photos.

10. Wedding Sparklers Bulk Buy Offer 72 Packs

Box Sparklers e893beea44ec02f0739b8e4993f57d85

Another product we recommend to commercial venues and business owners, this bulk pack of wedding sparklers means you’ll always be prepared to add something extra to decor, or food. You might even want to offer to hand sparklers out to guests as a surprise they will enjoy. For just £80 you can stock up on 360 sparklers here.

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