15 Mar, 2022
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Who Can Use Ice Fountains? 4 Instagrammable Ideas for Businesses

If you’re a bar or venue owner and you don’t know about ice fountains, you’re missing a trick. A level up from your everyday birthday candle, an ice fountain adds a level of fiery excitement to your star drinks and dishes that customers just weren’t expecting.

Deliver a plume of brilliant silver sparks to your guest’s table and watch everyone gasp in amazement…then grab their phones and take pictures of your awesome dessert or champagne presentation. That’s right, indoor ice fountains are your best friend when it comes to user-generated content, and there’s nothing better for your business’s reputation than happy customers plastering photos of your venue across social media.

Check out six ways to add ice fountains to your menu or venue here and get people talking and taking pictures.

Where are ice fountains used?

You might have already witnessed an ice fountain display before atop a birthday cake. Here are a few ways our customers use our ice fountains:

  • Pubs: pub owners use ice fountains for cakes, sundaes, or other desserts to wow family Sunday lunches or bring pizazz to birthdays. Ice fountains are also popular during matchdays when the mood is buzzing.
  • Clubs and bars: attach ice fountains to your hero products like bottles of champagne, prosecco, or wine (we sell special ice fountain holders to do this). Make a spectacle of presenting bottles and help guests celebrate. Help attract attention to shot girls and boys with drinks trays.
  • Venues: for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, work dos, sports events, charity events, and more. Stock up on ice fountains so you’ll always be prepared if your client wants to make a special presentation or gift. Some of our wedding venue guests also use ice fountains in their decor along with wedding sparklers.
  • Theatres: to produce sparks, fire, and ‘magic’ effects in close proximity to guests without putting them in danger.

4 Instagrammable Ice Fountain Moments to Try Out

Try these ice fountain firework ideas and ramp up the atmosphere in your pub, club, bar, or venue.

1. Light Up Drinks Trays

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Make sure all eyes are turned towards your star shot girls and boys when they appear with trays of shots or drinks by giving them some fiery flare. A glowing tray of drinks with a couple of blazing ice fountains is enough to get all the heads turning in your venue.

Use ice fountains like this if your promoters are bringing out new drinks for guests to try, or save this spectacle for when customers order a sharer from the menu to make it look more special and exciting when it comes to the table.

Remember to keep your staff safe—always train employees on ice fountain safety, have them carry and hold trays of ice fountains away from them and make sure you have a fire safety procedure in place if something goes wrong.

You can attach ice fountains to trays in a variety of ways including staking them into something soft attached to the tray or using ice fountain bottle holders. Be sure to position the ice fountains all pointing slightly in one direction and then ensure the person carrying the tray has them pointed away from themself.

2. Fiery Champagne Presentation

Ice fountains champagne Bottle Service

At awards evenings, corporate and private celebrations, competitions, graduations, and so on, we’re used to giving out gifts and making public announcements of gratitude or celebration. Venue owners can enhance their offering with a special blazing champagne award.

Use ice fountain bottle clips to attach up to three ice fountains to a bottle of champagne, light them, and bring it out at the right moment for a stunning show. The sparks and wisps of metallic flame will turn any everyday bottle into a truly magnificent award and solidify your award giver's sentiments.

Ice fountains don’t need to be reserved for champagne either, pop them on a bottle of prosecco, fine wine, or even a soft drink like Schloer. Stocking up for this type of stunt is so cheap and you’ll always have something special up your sleeve if your guests want to add some mojo to a party. We sell ice fountains in packs of varying sizes depending on how busy you are. Our ice fountain holders are reusable but be sure to replace them before the clips become loose.

There are loads of ways to use ice fountains with just a bit of creativity. We answer peoples’ commonly asked questions about ice fountains in our blog to help them use these indoor fireworks properly.

3. Ice Fountain Challenge

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Watching an ice fountain generate wave after wave of brilliant sparks and light is fun and a great opportunity for some selfies, but what about getting your customers more involved? This idea is a great one for kids and families as well as big kids in bars and clubs.

Ideal for when you’ve had a birthday request or caught wind of a customer’s special occasion, bring out a surprise treat with your ice fountain staked in the top, unlit. Your host will then present the rules of the challenge. If the star guest can complete the challenge before the ice fountain goes out, they get the treat for free (maybe just let them have it either way at the end, they will have earned it!)

Some ideas for an ice fountain challenge:

  • Sing something, or sing along to a song.
  • Talk about a topic of your choosing without stopping or repeating a word.
  • Keep a straight face while others try to make them laugh (without touching them).
  • Stand on one foot with arms outstretched—good fun for both kids and grown-ups (who have had a few).

Remember to keep an eye on safety while everyone is having fun, make sure the contender stands well clear of the open flames. Don’t forget to give your ice fountain challenge a suitable name and hashtag and let your guests know. Who knows, you might go viral.

4. Level-up Cutting the Wedding Cake

One of the most photographed moments of any wedding is the cutting of the cake. Make yours one to remember by adding one, two, or a few ice fountains to the mix.

With their sharp plastic spiked end, ice fountains are easy to stick into soft materials and are designed for use on cakes. Add them to your cake in any way you like and light them at the right moment. The silver plume will cast a glow over the faces of the happy couple and all their loved ones surrounding them. Be careful of wedding dresses near ice fountains though!

Ice fountains don’t need to be reserved just for wedding cakes. Use them as decoration for chocolate fountains, cupcake displays, and even wheels of cheese!

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