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How to Find a Free Fireworks Background

If you’re after a fireworks background for your computer desktop or for a design project, we’ve rounded up the best places to find options here. All of these are completely copyright free meaning you can use any of the fireworks images free without having to pay anything.

The Best Six Free Stock Image Websites for Fireworks Photos


Ray hennessy gd Tx VSAE5sk unsplash

Find a wide selection of photos of fireworks in the night sky, across landscapes reflecting in water, and with long exposure to get the most out of firework colours and effects here. All photos are free to use. Unsplash suggests you could mention the artists with a link back to their individual page on Unsplash to give them some publicity, but it’s not a requirement.


2011 i211 020 pyrotechnics fireworks realistic background min

Background vector created by macrovector

Filter by free in the side menu if you don’t have a premium account on Freepic. The website requests that you include a link back to the image source on a mention of the image source if you use any of the images commercially. Images available on Freepic include photos, vector images, and graphic templates that are ideal to use as the foundation for amateur design work such as posters, invitations, and adverts.


Pexels ayla fazioli 5130121

Photo by Ayla Fazioli from Pexels

Find a range of realistic photos of fireworks mid-burst in the air, exploding over landscapes and structures, and being watched by the silhouettes of people. Search by orientation or portrait, landscape, or both to find the dimensions you’re looking for. You can also download images in different resolutions. Pexels suggests you reference and provide a link back to the photographer on their website but this isn’t mandatory.


Sparkler 677774 1280 1

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Find an assortment of different firework images on the Pixabay website, including photos of fireworks in action, pictures of people posing with sparklers, and highly stylised firework images depicting long exposures of firework shots. Filter the images by orientation, size, category and even colour to narrow down your search. All photos are free to download with a ReCaptcha form after you’ve downloaded a certain number in a certain time frame.


New years evesilvester 2015 fireworks picjumbo com min

Find firework photos in any colour and style on Picjumbo. Most of the photos here feature firework shots going off in the night sky complete with plumes of light and colourful smoke. Click into each photo and scroll down to find similar images. All photos are free to download with the possibility of donating to the photographers if you want to.


Job516 namcha 03 2

Rawpixel is a great option if you’re looking for graphics to add to design work. Find vectors, sticker sets, and PNGs with their background removed that can easily be added to posters, brochures, and flyers. Browse by free, premium, or public domain images depending on what you’re looking for and whether you have a budget to spend.

The Best Types of Fireworks Pictures for Fireworks Wallpaper

Fireworks images look dynamic and fun as background on a computer desktop or phone. But not all photos are the same, and there are visual elements to consider beyond fireworks wallpaper HD resolution. A good photographer should play to the strengths of the subject matter, which can be difficult. Here are some themes that show fireworks in their best light.

Annual Holidays

People often associate fireworks with annual holidays. Consider looking for images that have been curated in a certain way that celebrates a particular festival. If it’s Fireworks Night you’re thinking of you might look for photos of people lighting a large bonfire, even with Guy Fawkes on top, with fireworks in the background. For the 4th of July, you might only need a United States flag. For Chinese New Year you might be looking for photos with Chinese lanterns in them, or for Diwali, there could be people parading in costume underneath the fireworks.

Upwk62046534 wikimedia image


Sparklers are often associated with romance, wholesomeness, and family as people can share their own little, personal fireworks. As they are much smaller in scale and can be held in the hand, sparklers generally produce some good photos. The light from a sparkler can be used to light up certain people or objects and is not overwhelming like that of a firework can be.

Pexels rathnahar sriom 3393477 1
Sparkler 677774 1280 2


Bokeh, or boke, is a style of photography that uses the pull of focus to draw our attention to a particular part of an image. Meaning ‘to blur’ in Japanese, bokeh refers to the visual appeal of out of focus elements in a photograph. The blurring of certain elements of an image creates a dramatic depth of field. Bokeh is often used when photographic fireworks to give them a soft, gentle, dreamy look.

Andrew seaman G Sn M Wu Cbov8 unsplash 1
Julie tupas c786v Ri Rm Jo unsplash 1

Long Exposure

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, but the lighting of a firework is quite unusual. The light coming from the firework is the lighting. Since this is only a brief flash, a photographer sometimes uses a long exposure to capture more of the activity in a fireworks image.

Pexels jonas von werne 2893330 1
Pexels vitalko 1573716

Pictures of Fireworks for Graphic Design

Fireworks Graphics

If you need some fireworks graphics to quickly put together a design, or if you’re simply not too confident using Adobe Illustrator, you can download firework graphics from many stock image websites, both paid for and free. Download PNG files with transparent backgrounds so you can overlay many different firework elements and create entirely unique fireworks picture designs.

V362 binn 09 sunburstset 2
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If you simply need a background picture of fireworks that will be used as a base image for text or other content, positioning is important. You don’t want to colours and patterns of fireworks to interfere with important content that needs to be clear to read. Consider looking for a fireworks free image that has been purposely created with negative space in mind, so you have ample room to add text and other images. Photographers will either set up their photos to come out with significant negative space or edit them through cropping to produce images that can be used in design work.

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V628 kul 17 meteor 2 1
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