Sparklers are a favourite for almost any occasion, adding fun and excitement where all guests at weddings, parties, birthdays, and every other kind of event can participate and have their own personal fireworks. With supervision, children will have great fun holding a sparkler and watching as flashes of light and sparks dance around in front of them.

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18-inch-Gold-Sparklers Long Length Slow Burn Celtic Fireworks
160 Gold Sparklers Large 18" (45cm)

Buy Indoor Sparklers and Outdoor Sparklers here

Buy indoor and outdoor sparklers here to hand out to guests at your party, or add to a cake to give it something extra besides the usual candles. You can also buy sparklers in the shape of numbers 0 to 9, so you can add the birthday boy or girl’s name to the cake. We even sell bright yellow sparklers for something a little different.

Sparkler FAQs

Where to use sparklers?

Sparklers are often seen on Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve, but they are much more versatile than that. A party sparkler can be used to brighten up any party or special occasion. Lots of people enjoy handing out sparklers at weddings as an icebreaker or to get some great photos. We stock giant sparklers and extra-long wedding sparklers that are ideal for fixing to your wedding arches.

If you’re planning a birthday or anniversary consider decorating the cake with a sparkler or two instead of the usual candles. We sell special indoor sparklers for this very purpose. If you run a bar or pub, these mini cocktail sparklers are great for adding pizzaz to cakes, cocktails, or bottles of prosecco for special dishes or occasions. Shop birthday sparklers on this page and place an order with us for super fast delivery.

Can you use sparklers indoors?

You should only use a sparkler indoors if the packaging specifies that this is allowed. An indoor sparkler is smaller and has a shorter burn time than an outdoor sparkler meaning they are safer for use indoors. Indoor sparklers also use less flash powder, the substance that causes the sparkle effect. This means that indoor sparklers pose less of a fire hazard which is more appropriate for use around furnishings and clothes inside.

Are sparklers and fountain sparklers dangerous?

A sparkler is not dangerous if used correctly. You should always check your surroundings and make sure you have ample space to use a sparkler beforehand (enough space to hold it at arm’s length and still keep it away from other people and objects.

It’s important to remember that an indoor sparkler still poses a small risk of fire just like all fireworks do, and should be handled with care and attention so be sure to check that the space is clear, or that your pathway is clear if you are carrying a sparkler on a cake or tray.

How old do you have to be to use a sparkler?

Children under 12 can be allowed to use sparklers with adult supervision. Children under five shouldn’t be allowed to use sparklers at all. They are generally too young to really understand the dangers of what they are holding. Babies and very children can reach out or wiggle in your arms so make sure that if you are holding a baby and a sparkler that you keep them both far apart.

When children use packs of sparklers it’s important to explain why they are dangerous and what they should do to stay safe.

How to safely use sparklers

You should never pass someone a lit sparkler, instead, hand out an unlit sparkler and light them one by one. It’s best for sparklers to be used with gloves on and to be held out at arm’s length away from you. Make sure when you do this you’re not holding your sparkler in someone else’s space.

As with outdoor sparklers, once a sparkler is finished have a bucket of water or sand handy nearby that the spent sparklers can be put into. This will ensure none catch light again and that no children pick up the hot sticks.

Find all Kinds of Sparklers for Sale Here

We are one of the most popular UK sparklers shops and number one in the North West. Order sparklers online here for delivery anywhere in the UK. We don’t just sell one type of sparkler. Find anything here to suit your style, from colourful sparklers that shoot off vivid neon sparks, to low impact, eco-friendly sparklers.

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