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Rely on the experts to curate your fireworks display with these firework box sets and firework selection boxes. You don’t need to do a thing, just show off incredible fireworks and awesome combinations of effects and colours to your guests. We constantly search all over the UK to find the very best fireworks selection boxes on the market today. Having test fired many boxes over the past few months, we have picked the firework boxes we deem to be the best quality and most reliable we can find.

The leading brands we work with constantly improve their products, bringing you longer duration fountains and more colours and effects.

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Soiree Nine Firework Selection Box Jonathans Fireworks
Soiree Box
RRP: £32.99
Calavera Lightning Rockets and Barrage Selection
Remixed Barrage & Rocket Pack
RRP: £309.97
Firework Selection Box FAQs

What do you get in a fireworks selection box?

Each fireworks selection box is designed to bring you a range of different effects to complete a firework display in one go. Our team searches for selection boxes that offer a variety of firework types that can be used to fully entertain any party you have planned.

Typically, our selection boxes will include favourites like rockets, cake or barrages, and sparklers. Night Sky Firework Box is a great choice for easy, traditional fireworks that will keep everyone happy. These are all eight-metre distance F2 fireworks that are garden-friendly.

If you’re looking for something a bit more impressive, we offer larger selection boxes with a longer duration. Celtic Fireworks Family Selection Box includes 412 shots in total, including barrage fireworks, rocket fireworks, Roman candles, fountain fireworks, and sparklers. This pack also comes with portfires to help you light your fireworks.

Where should firework selection boxes be used?

The wide range of fireworks selection boxes means there’s something for everyone, no matter how big or small your garden is, or where you plan to set off the fireworks. Whether you need eight-metre, 15-metre, or 25-metre distances, we stock firework category F2 and F3 products to please all of our customers. Check each product page to find out safe distance specifications and noise levels.

How much is a selection box of fireworks?

Every firework selection box is affordably priced for the products included and we always bring the best quality fireworks to market. The price of each selection box depends on the items included and the size and duration of the firework display it produces.

For those who want to go all out and set off a display that will have spectators staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed, our Celtic Fireworks Family Selection Box is the largest pack in stock. At £239.99 it consists of over 400 individual fireworks shots and various different types of fireworks, including traditional best-sellers, and captivating unusual effects too.

For those who want a small and cheap option for a mini garden fireworks display, try the WOW Garden Firework Pack for only £30. This pack has 22 shots in total and makes for a neat little firework display that is ideal for smaller parties or more restricted areas.

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