14 Sept, 2021
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Fireworks Forum: 8 Discussion Boards for Fireworks Enthusiasts is UKFR’s online community, and probably one of the most reliable and extensive sources of information on fireworks available to people living in the UK. This online UK fireworks forum is frequented by ‘professional’ firers, amateur enthusiasts, firework manufacturers, fireworks organisations like Chorlton Fireworks, and anyone in between who has an interest or dealing with fireworks.

Here, members can discuss topics of interest like the best techniques for setting up and storing fireworks, post reviews of products based on real experiences, find out about fireworks displays and events coming up, and chat with other people who are interested in pyrotechnics.

As industry leaders in the UK, we’re committed to helping people get the most out of fireworks they can, and we love to be nosey and find out what other pyro-enthusiasts have been up to. We’ve been active on Fireworks Forum since 2014, check out our Chorlton Fireworks Profile Page here are seen which threads we’ve been active in.

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1. A Guide to Lining your Shipping Container

Anyone who deals with storing even a small quantity of fireworks will know that a high level of care needs to be taken to ensure risks are minimised. HSE requires a license to be held by those wishing to store over 50kg of fireworks, and there are several firework storage regulations that need to be met to make sure everything is compliant.

This thread on the U K fireworks forum features a step by step guide to lining a shipping container for the proper storage of fireworks. The guide was created by pro-firer Elmo who takes you through each step in the process complete with pictures. The guide is made even more valuable as Elmo answers questions along the way posed by other firers following the thread.

2. Reviews and Videos

In this section of the forum, users can view and post reviews of different firework products and brands. Each thread is dedicated to an individual firework and threads can only be started with a video clip of the firework in action, meaning each review will give you a good review of what to expect from a firework visually. Retailers and consumers are welcome to post videos and start review threads alike, but if retailers are found to be promoting their products above giving valuable advice they will be penalised. This ensures that the reviews remain unbiased and honest.

Many fireworks brands that are reviewed on the forum are available for collection in our Chorlton-based shop, or for delivery throughout the whole UK, including:

Watch videos of almost every firework we stock either on the Chorlton Fireworks website or on our YouTube channel.

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3. Getting Licensed for Cat 4 Fireworks

Many people think that if they qualify for a license to fire Category 4 Fireworks they will be able to make their firework displays bigger and more impressive. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Being qualified to handle Category 4 fireworks doesn’t mean that you can buy and use them as a consumer. In order to be Cat 4-qualified, a person needs to be referred by a professional fireworks organisation.

This thread was started by Chalgravesteve who manages a village firework display for around 2,500 people and wants to know what it takes to be qualified to fire Cat 4 fireworks, and whether it’s worth it.

4. Events and Displays

This section of the forum lists information about firework display events all across the UK and even in Malta. If you’re wondering why there are fireworks tonight, you’ll probably be able to find out in this forum. Historic threads discuss displays from previous years but the forum is constantly being updated with brand new upcoming events. Curious firework enthusiasts can come here to find important details about such events like locations, start times, and prices.

We’re constantly keeping tabs on the most popular firework displays and events across the UK. Find out everything you need to know about Blackpool Fireworks Championships, Abingdon Fireworks Festival, London New Year’s Fireworks, Alton Towers fireworks, and Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival.

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5. Old and Rare Selection Boxes

This thread is a little more for fun than for practical use. User danielpyronutter starts the thread by saying that he’s become “quite an avid collector of old pyro” and follows with photos of collections of fireworks that he’s amassed over the years.

Sets include Cosmic Mercury, Venus, and Lunar from the 1990s, as well as other more recent collections. Other users contribute pictures of their own collections too. This is an interesting thread for anyone who enjoys checking out old collections that have gone out of production, old packaging designs, and fireworks that aren’t being made anymore either because demand decreased, or fireworks safety laws changed.

6. Fireworks From the Past

Another novelty thread, this forum discusses old fireworks that are no longer being made. The thread starts out with user Andy_P showing photos taken at the Fireworks Museum of fireworks made in the early part of the century. The thread continues with other users contributing photos of old fireworks from previous decades. This is an excellent forum for browsing retro and vintage fireworks that would never be found in a shop these days.

7. Firework Safety and Distance

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Of a more practical nature, this thread on the forum discusses the best safety protocols for the person in charge of lighting the fireworks. User Barry starts the thread off by explaining that his displays get bigger every year, and asks whether there’s a more efficient way to carry out a firework display than by running back and forth between fireworks to set up and light the next.

While members discuss options and safety in the body of this thread, we have a couple of options to help you make the most of a firework display. Compound fireworks consist of several individual firework shots all connected via one fuse. This means that, by lighting only one fuse, you will be able to set off an entire firework display. Compound fireworks are designed and put together by professionals who know what shots, colours, and patterns should go together and in which order to produce the best effects.

Another solution to running back and forth to light fuses is a remote smartphone-enabled firing system that gives you total control of when and which fuses are ignited via an app on your phone. This means you can stand back and enjoy watching fireworks go off exactly as you plan, without ever having to move.

8. Guidance from the British Fireworks Association

For anyone who advocates the safe and responsible use of fireworks by consumers in the UK, this forum will give you the information and resources you need to fight your cause. The fireworks industry is one that constantly comes under scrutiny for posing a risk to peoples’ safety, either from misuse, insufficient training, or dangerous behaviour like making homemade fireworks. Built on advice from the British Fireworks Association. TGR, the creator of this thread provides guidance, resources, and templates to gather information about complaints and occurrences as a result of firework use from trusted organisations like Trading Standards and Fire and Rescue.

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