16 Sept, 2021
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Abingdon Fireworks: Everything you Need to Know

Pack a picnic, and bring the whole family to Abingdon Airfield on Saturday, August 27th for a breath-taking day of entertainment and performances. See some of the biggest and most incredible hot air balloons rise into the sky, enjoy fairground rides and delicious hot and cold food made fresh. Top the whole day off with four spectacular firework displays, making this show one of the largest firework shows in the UK.

Find out everything you need to know about Agingdale Fireworks Festival here, including ticket prices, start times, getting there, and what to expect.

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The Important Details

The festival will take place on Saturday the 27th of August, 2022.

Starting Times

Car parks open at 4 pm along with the fairground and field space for picnics.

Events begin at 6:30 pm and finish at around 11:00 pm, including:

  • An Incredible Light Show
  • A Daytime Colour Fireworks Display
  • ​Explosive Fireballs
  • The Parachute Display Team, performing daytime and evening pyro-jumps from helicopters
  • Sky High Ballooning: More hot air balloons than ever before
  • 9:00 pm Guest Display 1: Blaze Fireworks Ltd
  • 9:25 pm Guest Display 2: Phoenix Fireworks Ltd
  • 9:50 pm Guest Display 3: To be confirmed...
  • 10:15 pm British Made Fireworks Demo
  • 10:30 pm Closing Fireworks Show
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Buying Tickets

Adult (Aged 16 years and over): £20.00

Child (Aged 5–15 years): £10.00

Infant (Aged 0–4 years): free

Gazebo permit (Bring your own Gazebo to set up on the picnic field): £25.00

Book tickets on the official website

There are also tickets for a special VIP area where visitors can enjoy front row seating, hassle-free entry, priority parking, luxury toilets, a dedicated bar and BBQ, a complimentary drink voucher, and free soft play and use of the bouncy castle.

Adult (16 and over): £48.00

Child (5–16): £24.00

There are currently no Covid restrictions on the Abingdon fireworks festival, the event holds a 'We're Good To Go' status. This might change closer to the date of the event so check the Abingdon council website for updates beforehand.

How to Get There

Find the Abingdon Summer Fireworks Festival on Abingdon Airfield, OX13 6JQ.

By Car

19 minutes drive from Oxford via the A34 and only an eight-minute drive from the town of Abingdon. There is ample parking on site but be prepared for heavy traffic leading up to the airfield.

By Taxi

A local taxi from Oxford to Abingdon Airfield costs approximately £23, although this may increase with surge pricing.

By Train

The nearest train station to the airfield is Culham, from which visitors can take the 45 bus from outside the Science Centre to Stratton Way, then the 4 City to Dalton Barracks, and then take the 12-minute walk to the airfield.

By Bus

The 4 City bus goes directly from Oxford or from Abingdon to Dalton Barracks from which there is a 12-minute walk to the field. Alternatively, you can take the X2 Connector or the X3 City from Oxford to Stratton Way and then change for the 4 City to Dalton Barracks.

On Foot

A 42-minute walk from the town of Abingdon, of if you’re feeling energetic, a 2.5-hour hike from Oxford.

What to Expect

The sprawling airfield will be home to several gazebos and tents as families set up for a day of relaxing and picnicking. There’s no end of entertainment throughout the day, even a VIP area where, pre-booked, visitors can relax in total luxury with a dedicated area complete with a bar, priority parking and more!

Three Show-Stopping Firework Shows

The main event of the festival is without a doubt the fireworks displays. Visitors to the airfield can expect to see three huge, professional pyrotechnic shows by Blaze Fireworks Ltd.; Phoenix Fireworks Ltd.; and a third, as yet to be confirmed company. Each performance is accompanied by choreographed music.

The whole festival is concluded by a demo of fabulous, British-made fireworks, and a final, thunderous show.

Hot Air Balloons

The hot air balloons are an unmissable spectacle at Abingdon Festival. Watch balloon after balloon slowly inflate and hang in the air before majestically floating away. Designs of all patterns, shapes, and sizes will fill the sky with colours.

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Massive Fairground

Passing the time between light shows, balloons, and pyrotechnics won’t be hard with an enormous funfair complete with rides, bouncy castle, food and drink stalls, games, ghost house, mirror house, and more.

Daytime Fireworks

Before the sun sets and the sparks and flames of the main fireworks event take place, watch the sky fill up with colour explosions in a daytime firework display. Daytime fireworks produce thick colours smoke and bright bursts to give off an unusual pyrotechnic display against the blue daytime sky.

Red Angels Daytime Smoke Firework

Parachute Display Team

Watch daredevil parachuters fly through the air in choreographed synchronicity, trailing sparks and fireworks of their own from helicopters above. Get ready for daytime and evening pyro-jumps.

It is illegal for under 18s to purchase or Attempt to purchase fireworks
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