15 Sept, 2021
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Alton Towers Fireworks: Everything you Need to Know

As if Alton Tower’s theme park isn’t reason enough to visit. On the closest weekend to Fireworks Night each year, the park puts on a firework spectacular that is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourites. During the three-day fireworks display celebration, visitors to the park can enjoy extended time using the theme park rides after the sun sets for a whole new experience.

The park is open late on the weekend in question, allowing adults and children of all ages an extended stay in the park to view these magnificent pyrotechnics. Visitors can enjoy three whole days of fireworks and Bonfire Night events, giving Alton Towers open season the send-off it deserves.

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The Important Details

Alton Towers fireworks are scheduled over the weekend of the 5th to the 7th of November 2021.

Starting Times

The fireworks start at 7 pm each night, the time the park usually closes, meaning you can explore Alton Towers after dark.

Buying Tickets

Alton towers fireworks tickets prices are based on how long you want to stay in the theme park. See all the options below. The park is set to be very busy on each of the three days and evenings, so pre-booking is essential if you want to guarantee yourself a spot. All children under 3 go free to the park.

Fireworks 1 Day Pass: from £39

With the ticket, you can enjoy everything the park has to offer for the day and stay for the fireworks in the evening.

Short Break: from £50

With this ticket, you can use the theme park for the day, check out the fireworks, and stay in one of the on-site hotels for the night. Breakfast, entertainment and Extraordinary Golf are included.

Fireworks Passholder Pre-book: from £20

This ticket is for all pass holders. Pre-booking is essential to view the fireworks unless you hold a Merlin Platinum Pass which includes firework viewing as standard.

Book in advance to avoid paying higher prices on the day, or not getting in at all. Book tickets on the official website.

How to Get There

Alton Towers’ address is Farley Lane, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 4DB.

By Car

Alton Towers will be well signposted as you approach from either the M1 or the M6. The Junctions for Alton Towers are:

  • M1 Northbound: Junction 23a
  • M1 Southbound: Junction 28
  • M6 Northbound: Junction 15
  • M6 Southbound: Junction 16

Some SatNat systems are known to divert routes down a local farm road, so once off the motorway, drivers should take signage as the primary source of directions until they reach the park.

By Taxi

An Uber taxi ride from the nearest train stations to Alton Towers costs £15 from either Stoke-On-Trent or Uttoxeter and take around 20 minutes.

By Train

The nearest train stations to Alton Towers are Uttoxeter and Stoke-On-Trent, both of which are approximately 20 minutes away from the park by car. Alternatively, visitors can take the X41 bus from Uttoxeter which takes around 40 minutes to reach the park or the 32X from Stoke-On-Trent via the Hanley Bus Station.

Visitors can also arrange a taxi from Derby Train Station which will take around one hour.

By Bus

The main bus lines that operate between the park and surrounding towns are the X41, the X32, and the X52.

X41: Stafford - Uttoxeter - Alton Towers Resort

X32: Hanley - Cheadle - Alton Towers Resort

X52: Nottingham - Derby - Alton Towers Resort

Resort Monorail

Once at the park, the monorail service transports visitors from the car park to the park entrance. The monorail runs from 9 am until an hour after the advertised close of the ride. Otherwise, walking to the entrance from the car park takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

What to Expect

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Award-Winning Fireworks

Alton Towers’ fireworks show is one of the nation’s favourites and boasts an impressive, highly curated performance. The park won the Best Show award in the UK Theme Park Awards in recent years for its fireworks show.

Alton Towers is 910 acres large, with ample space, high spots, viewing points, and rides from which you can view the fireworks. If getting stuck in a traffic jam in London and standing in the crowd to watch some fireworks doesn’t sound appealing, then Alton Towers could be the place for you.

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Dark Theme Park Rides

Have you ever rode a rollercoaster in the dark? Now’s the time to do it, you can even hop on and watch spectacular fireworks light up the sky from all angles at the same time. Take full advantage of the spooky atmosphere to enjoy some of the most dramatic theme park ride experiences of your life, all against a backdrop of brilliant pyrotechnics.

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