26 Aug, 2021
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Why are There Fireworks Tonight? Find Out Here

You’re here because you can hear or see fireworks somewhere in your neighbourhood, or perhaps you’ve noticed fireworks going off on your way out for the night. It’s difficult to know why people are setting off fireworks. Not every firework display is covered in the news, especially if it’s in a residential area. So why are there fireworks today? Here are some resources to answer the burning question of ‘why are there fireworks displays near me tonight? No matter where you are.

Find Out Why There are Fireworks Tonight

News Websites and Tourist Information

If it’s a large public display you’re likely to find out the reason behind the fireworks from local news websites or ‘What’s On’ websites that list upcoming events. In Manchester, we’d check the M.E.N. website or the Visit Manchester website, both of which have a search function you can use to look up keywords. If you want information on fireworks London today or fireworks London tonight, Time Out London or Visit London. Most tourist websites will almost certainly have answers on fireworks in London today for you.

On the Visit Manchester website, you can input a specific date range to narrow down your search to ask what date and even what time are the fireworks tonight. Most tour guide websites like this have a similar function. Event Brite also maintains a list of firework events in the UK that you can check. If you’re not able to find out about fireworks on news websites then a simple search of ‘fireworks display near me’, ‘fireworks tonight near me’, or ‘fireworks show near me’ will prompt Google to use geolocation to find out which relevant search results there are in your area.

Social Media

If searching on larger news websites isn’t bringing up any results you might have to look at more local sources of information. Check social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for any community groups in your area. There may be other residents in your position wondering why fireworks are going off, or others who know about community events being held. Social media is more likely to offer you a faster response to fireworks

Twitter is a news-focused platform and if there are fireworks going off anywhere this is the first place you’ll be likely to see people discussing them, much more quickly than news websites offering coverage. Search for keywords like #fireworks, #fireworkdisplay, and keywords related to your location. We regularly cover firework displays on our own Chorlton Fireworks Twitter page so check our channels if you need to know about firework displays in your vicinity.

Other accounts to watch on Twitter might be emergency services like the police and fire department. These will likely be involved with and aware of firework displays in your area if they are large. It’s also useful to be aware of the emergence services Twitter accounts so that you can ask questions if you need to. Sending a DM to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue or tagging them in a tweet asking about a firework display near you might get a faster response and help other people looking for the same answers as you.

Why Are Fireworks Going off Tonight?

There are times of the year when you can expect to hear fireworks going off all around you. If you’re wondering about mystery fireworks in earshot, check the calendar to see if it could be any of these events:

  • Fireworks Night or Bonfire Night: November the 5th. Fireworks must stop at midnight.
  • New Year’s Eve: December the 31st. Fireworks must stop at 1 am.
  • Diwali: Falls on a different day each year depending on the lunar calendar. In 2021 it is on November the 4th, in 2022 it falls on October the 24th, and in 2023 it will be on November the 12th. Fireworks must stop at 1 am.
  • Chinese New Year: This also varies depending on the lunar calendar. In 2022 it will fall on the 1st of February, and in 2023 it will be on the 22nd of January. Fireworks must stop at 1 am.

Why Are There Fireworks Tonight Near Me and What Can I Do About It?

If you have pets like dogs who dislike loud noises or a particularly light-sleeping child, or you simply wanted a quiet night in, you might be thinking ‘why fireworks tonight?!’ The best way to approach a problem with fireworks is to be friendly and constructive. The person setting them off may have no idea why fireworks today are causing you trouble. Here are some things to consider:

1. Check that they are within fireworks laws.

If the fireworks are being lawfully set off, there won’t be much you can do to put a stop to them. Most people carefully research the dates and times they are allowed to set off fireworks to ensure they won’t cause a problem.

What time do the fireworks start? Fireworks cannot be set off between 11 pm and 7 am any day of the year apart from those listed above which have their own rules (Firework Night, New Year, Diwali, and Chinese New Year). A search of ‘bonfire night fireworks near me’ will likely show you where community events have been planned in local parks within your earshot. It is also illegal to set off fireworks in a street (including sparklers) or in a public place (unless permission has been granted by the local council, for example, in a park).

2. Check that the people setting off the fireworks are old enough

The legal age for setting off fireworks is 18. If the people setting off the fireworks are clearly underage, then you can be reasonably sure that they shouldn’t be doing so.

3. Talk to the person in charge of the fireworks

If the fireworks fall within the law, you won’t have reasonable cause to ask someone to stop setting them off. If they really are causing you distress, you could politely ask them to stop but it’ll be their decision whether they do or not. The best way to approach a discussion about the fireworks is to be open, friendly, and understanding.

It might be a good idea to go round and knock on the door or get someone’s attention over the fence, rather than shouting out of a window, for example. This way you can be sure you’re coming across in the way you mean to.

Calmly and honestly help them understand the reason you want the fireworks to stop. A neighbour might be more understanding if you explain that the noises are frightening an elderly resident rather than because you don’t like them.

4. Leave the area

People put a lot of time, money, and effort into firework displays, so the likelihood is they’ll want to enjoy the rest of their fireworks. If the fireworks are causing you, your family, or your pets too much stress, consider leaving your house while the fireworks go off. You could visit someone out of the area, or even take the dog for a walk. Firework displays normally do not go on for a very long time.

5. Call the Police

In severe circumstances, it’s important to know that the option of calling the police is available. You can call the police to report someone setting off fireworks if:

  • They are setting them off outside of the legal times
  • They are setting them off in your street or in a public place and not a private garden
  • You are frightened about your safety or the safety of your property

How Loud Can Fireworks Be?

The Office for Product Safety and Standards states that F2 fireworks should have a noise level of “below 120 dBA; noise pressure measured 8m horizontal distance at a height of 1m above ground.” and F3 fireworks should be “below 120 dBA; noise pressure measured 15m horizontal distance at a height of 1m above ground.”

Because of this, all respectable manufacturers will ensure their fireworks fall within the 120-decibel limit, and each product clearly specifies its category for appropriate usage. Most fireworks bought for a normal garden are F2 category fireworks, meaning they are safely viewable from a distance of eight to 15 metres.

At Chorlton Fireworks we understand that often people are worried that the noise of fireworks could upset people around them, so we stock a huge selection of low noise fireworks that make residential firework displays more agreeable. Find out more about how low noise fireworks work in our blog Silent Fireworks: What to Expect.

How to Tell the Distance Between You and a Firework

Looking up ‘fireworks displays near me’ or ‘fireworks shows near me’ online sometimes simply won’t give you the answer you want, especially if the fireworks are part of a private garden party. For everyone wondering about fireworks near me tonight, you might be able to pinpoint the location of a fireworks display tonight by yourself with this trick. Similar to how you calculate the distance of thunder and lightning, the sound of a firework travels more slowly than the visible flash.

Watch for the next flash of light produced by a firework and then count the seconds until you hear the ‘boom’. Divide the number of seconds by three to find the distance in kilometres between you and the firework. Use this calculation to figure out how far away the fireworks are and you’ll have a reasonably accurate location for them on a map of your area.

It is illegal for under 18s to purchase or Attempt to purchase fireworks
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