19 Oct, 2023
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Best Fireworks for Bonfire Night According to Experts

When Fireworks Night looms, families start to think about the firework display. What should it look like? How long should it be? What about loud fireworks for Fireworks Night? If you’re done looking for fireworks displays and want to take matters into your own hands, you’re in the right place.

Read on to discover our failsafe formula for your firework display and our top recommended best-sellers for a firework display to remember.

Our Idea of a Perfect Family Firework Display

When customers approach us for guidance on what to buy for a firework display for Bonfire Night, we have a go-to solution that always gets positive results and great feedback. When planning a fireworks display, the idea is to create delight and surprise by showing off different effects, all slowly building up to a crescendo with an impressive climactic finale.

The easiest way to achieve this is with a firework bundle. Our professionals expertly put these together, so you know you’re getting a selection of fireworks that provide enough range but visuals and effects that complement each other, too—everything you need to put on a display that’ll be satisfying to watch.

To enhance the display, we always recommend getting a few rockets and, to complete it, a barrage or cake to bring the whole display to an impressive close. This is the best way to attain a combination of variety and ease of use: a whole display with minimal set-up and ignitions required.

In no time at all, you have a great evening of entertainment ready, with the selection box providing fountains, Roman candles, barrages, and rockets for an all-round display finishing with the ultimate mixed effect.

Gala Selection Box large Jonathans Box

Selection Box Option One: Gala Box

Price: RRP: £89.99 £64.99


4 x Rockets
2 x 8 Shot candles
1 x 70 shot candles
1 x Wheel
1 x Happy Panda Fountain (35 seconds)
2 x Magical Moonlight Fountain (35 seconds)
1 x Twinkling Star (35 seconds)
1 x Enchanted Forest (35 seconds)
1 x Nukes of Hazard (50 seconds)
1 x Aladdin’s Cave (80 seconds)
1 x 96 Shot cake
1 x 7 shot cake
1 x 16 shot cake
1 x 15 shot cake

This box of 8M fireworks features a wide range that covers all the traditional fireworks and family favourites. Roman candles, Catherine wheel, fountains, rockets, and single ignition barrages make up a dynamic and vibrant display.

Shindig Selection Box Free Rockets Manchester Fireworks

Selection Box Option Two: Shindig Box

Price: RRP: £167.99 £125.00

Shindig is a best-seller and the largest family selection box we stock. We recommend this box for those who want to take things a bit further and really pack a punch with their display. Featuring 26 individual fireworks (some with multiple shots fused into barrages), making for a lengthy display. But your guests won’t be bored for one second, as each firework offers unique effects to dazzle them.

Buy now for a free pack of Lightning Hawk rockets worth £30. Along with a discount of £42.99, this pack truly gives you a bang for your buck.

We always recommend you supplement whichever selection box you choose with these two popular products.

Remix – 100 Shot Firework

Price: RRP: £124.99 £70.00

Remix is a 100-shot, one-light barrage marvel bursting with a diverse medley of colours and effects. Delivering a rapid, minute-long spectacle, it ensures unforgettable memories for all. Truly, a firework like no other! This is the perfect firework to bring your display to a dramatic close. The multiple shots fused together mean you only need to light it once, and you can sit back and enjoy the finale of your display along with everyone else.

Lightning Hawks Rockets

Price: RRP: £359.92 £175.00

We don’t think a display is complete without a tirade of rockets delivering the classing whoosh and bang that we all think of when we think of fireworks. Grab 40 medium-sized rockets in eight individual packs, each soaring skyward with dazzling displays. This is a limited bulk buy offer: once our allocation sells out, it’s gone for good. Ensure your skies shimmer with this exclusive collection.

Compound Fireworks: A Display With One Fuse

If you are looking for even bigger effects and longer displays from one light, compound fireworks are the pick for you. These are multiple fireworks secured to a board pre-fused. Once lit, they will fire each firework one after each other in turn. Every compound firework is designed to produce a curated show with effects developed to work one after the other, offering a delightful display that keeps getting better until the ultimate finish.


Price: RRP: £225.00 £170.00

Mixology is an 8-metre riveting F2 garden compound firework lasting 100 seconds with 200 shots! Designed for smaller gardens, it illuminates the night with a vast array of effects at a medium noise level. One light, endless wonder.

Smash That

Price: RRP: £209.99 £159.99

Elevate your garden party with Celtic Fireworks' 157-shot Cat2 compound firework. Unleashing 120 seconds of explosive brilliance, expect deafening roars and straight, awe-inspiring patterns. A high-impact spectacle guaranteed to thrill.

Lightning Storm

Price: RRP: £199.99 £175.00

Experience a dynamic compound firework show with Lightning Storm. Beginning with a straight barrage, evolving into mixed patterns, and culminating in a Z-firing finale. Witness sky-filling titanium gold willows backlit by glittering red strobes. 151 shots of loud, breathtaking spectacle.


Price: RRP: £449.99 £349.99

Audacious by Prestigious Pyrotechnics is the UK's finest 240-shot compound. A masterpiece with mixed firing patterns and varied tube sizes, it guarantees a relentless, mesmerising display. One light ignites a sequence of epic proportions. The must-have spectacle of the year.


Price: RRP: £599.99 £460.00

Exponential is sheer pyrotechnic brilliance. A 25-metre firework crafted by Prestigious Pyrotechnics, our own firework brand, with New Year's in mind, this 394-shot behemoth dazzles for a lengthy 4.5 minutes with diverse patterns: straight, fanned, Z-firing. Pre-fused, only one light ensures continuous awe with this beauty. An unforgettable grand finale awaits.

For a Large-Scale Bonfire Night Firework Display

If you’re lucky enough to have a massive garden, or if you’re in charge of a community display or public fireworks event, a Category 3, 25-metre premium single ignition barrage is exactly what you need to pull off an impressive display. Experience hundreds of individual shots in each of these large-scale, loud, and powerful barrage fireworks.


Price: RRP: £139.99 £110.00

Dazzle your audience with this one-light spectacle: 118 shots of radiant colours and diverse patterns, climaxing in a Z-firing brocade comet finale with golden bursts and silver strobes. An 80-second must-have for any fireworks display.

Big Mamma

Price: RRP: £149.99 £114.99

Big Mamma reigns supreme with 127 shots, offering a vibrant spectacle of colours and diverse patterns. Mesmerise guests as it fizzes, crackles, and whistles, delivering an 80-second display of unmatched pyrotechnic brilliance. This is the night's showstopper.

Time Lord

Price: RRP: £135.00 £125.00

Elevate Bonfire Night with this firework's captivating 110-second show. Starting with serene, low-noise hues, it crescendos into 126 powerful, straight-shooting bursts. A perfect blend of tranquillity and thrill, ensuring a night to remember.


Price: RRP: £139.99 £110.00

Illuminate the night with this one-light marvel: 118 shots of vibrant transitions and mixed patterns, culminating in a Z-firing brocade comet finale adorned with golden bursts and silver strobes. An 85-second spectacle, essential for any fireworks aficionado.


Price: RRP: £149.99 £130.00

Created by the experts at Prestigious Pyrotechnics, Prolific is an exceptional barrage firework. With 100 shots in 60 seconds, its evolving tempo and vibrant hues crescendo to a mesmerising finale. Distinctively unmatched among SIBs – an absolute show-stealer.

Order fireworks directly from our website here or get in touch. We’re always ready to help answer questions and point you in the right direction to make your fireworks display everything you’ve dreamt it to be.

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