20 Oct, 2023
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The Best Rockets for My Bonfire Night Party: Leading UK Bestsellers

If you’re preparing for a Bonfire Night party, you’re going to need some superb fireworks. Whether you’re already up to speed on fireworks for the garden, a newbie to the world of pyrotechnics, or just want the stress taken out of the whole planning part of the party, this is the guide for you.

We’ve rounded up our best-sellers, most popular, and highly recommended fireworks. As the leading supplier in the North West, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality and the best recommendations for your Bonfire Night display.

Read on for fireworks sorted by safe viewing distance. Depending on the size of your garden, outdoor space, or public display site, we have a range of fireworks to suit.

8-Metre+ Fireworks

F2 fireworks have a minimum safe viewing distance of eight metres, and these are the smallest-scale fireworks available apart from indoor and novelty fireworks like sparklers. Most gardens in the UK are around 15 metres long, making ample room for F2 fireworks, with extra space for your guests to sit or stand and watch.

Afterburner Rockets

Price: RRP: £39.99 £26.99

Elevate your celebration with Afterburner's nine unique rockets! A mesmerising blend of brocades, crackles, and vibrant multicoloured stars. The ultimate addition for an unforgettable night sky spectacle that gives your night the shimmer and shine you’re looking for.

Other 8M fireworks we recommend: Mixology, Tiny Temper, Megamix, Final Curtain.

Firework Cake Recommendations

Enhance your rocket display with a firework cake. One ignition to set off multiple shots in succession.

Mish Mash Mini

Price: RRP: £49.99 £39.99

Unleash a mesmerising display in your garden with this F2 firework, one of our most popular cakes. Boasting multi-effects and lasting brilliance of 50 seconds, it's the perfect centrepiece for intimate celebrations, ensuring every moment sparkles with wonder.

Mix It Up

Price: RRP: £45.99 £39.99

Your guests will experience a thrill with Celtic Fireworks' 63-shot barrage lasting 35 seconds. Dazzle your audience with a captivating array of spectacular effects. An essential masterpiece for any firework extravaganza, ensuring a Bonfire Night to remember.

15-Metre+ Fireworks

If you have a larger-than-average garden, you may be able to use some 15M fireworks. These offer a larger, brighter, and sometimes louder effect. You could mix up some 8M fireworks with some 15M ones to create a climactic finish.

F2 Garden Rockets 7 Bundle Manchester Fireworks

Small Garden F2 Firework Rocket Bundle

Price: RRP: £191.95 £120.00

This is our recommendation if you want a whole pack of varied fireworks effects. This pack will have all bases covered with handpicked products for an unforgettable night. Experience the brilliance of Chorlton's curated 41-rocket bundle! From Little Giants to Afterburners, these F2 garden rockets promise a sky-lit spectacle.

Little Giant Rockets

Price: RRP: £17.99 £12.00

Elevate your display with our Little Giant Rockets. Bursting with shimmering, supersonic stars in radiant hues, they epitomise the quality and value we bring to your party. Infuse your night with their vibrant magic and light up the sky with excitement and anticipation.

Calavera Rockets Manchester Fireworks 1

Calavera Rockets

Price: RRP: £29.99 £16.99

Ignite the skies above your garden with five medium Calavera rockets, a best-seller at Chorlton Fireworks, each boasting a unique effect. Specifically designed for 15+ metre safety, they're perfect for intimate spaces and larger gardens. Elevate your night with a compact yet dazzling pyrotechnic show.

Other 15M fireworks we recommend: Smash That, Bloodshot, Surprise Me, Matrix.

25-Metre+ Fireworks

25M fireworks are ideal for wide open spaces. If you have an extra large garden, you can use these fireworks. But generally, they’re suited to small public displays, community events, private grounds, parks, and other large outdoor spaces. If you’re in charge of a community fireworks display, these are the perfect options for you.

Lightning Hawks

Price: RRP: £359.92 £175.00

An award-winning firework to stun your audience. Experience sky-high splendour with 40 medium-sized rockets across eight packs, the ultimate selection for a long-duration display! Each burst offers stunning visuals. Seize this limited bulk buy opportunity; once gone, they won't return in full cases.

VSR 4 Rockets

Price: RRP: £69.99 £60.00

Experience Vivid's 4" ball head rockets: a duo of explosive artistry. Packed generously with powder for powerful effects, expect immense bursts of vibrant colours and breathtaking visuals. This is a true spectacle for any night sky celebration.

Super Rocks Rockets

Price: RRP: £97.99 £70.00

Add magnificence to your display with Super Rocks: THREE large rockets featuring super strobe, king brocade, and crossette with pistols. These showstoppers are the UK's epitome of aerial grandeur. Grab yours before they're gone so you can secure the best fireworks display around.

Firework Bundles

If you want to save money whilst also getting a good collection of premium rockets, take a look at our fireworks bundles. These are professionally curated to include a range of fireworks that go together well. Buying a bundle means you’ll essentially have an expert at your side, offering everything you need to pull off a designer display.

Other 25M fireworks we recommend: Prolific, Exponential, Audacious, Proficiency, Provocative, Time Lord, Remix, Pyroclastic, Ten Out Of Ten, Sucker Punch.

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