22 Oct, 2023
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The Best Fireworks for My Garden: A Guide to Help You Choose

Fireworks night, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve, the wife finally got that promotion. There are lots of reasons to throw a firework party in your garden. With your own private space, places to get comfy and stay warm, snacks and drinks on demand (and without the extortionate prices at your local Bonfire Night), the garden is looking like a great option for mates or family.

If you’re unsure about how to choose fireworks for a cracking great garden display, use this guide to fast-track your shopping experience, where we list the best sellers in the North West from the leading supplier of fireworks.

F2 Fireworks: Ideal for Most Garden Sizes

The first thing to know about shopping for fireworks for a garden party is what you can legally set off in your space. Fireworks are sold according to firework category:

F1/Cat 1: 1+ metre safe distance
F2/Cat 2: 8-metre safe distance
F3/Cat 3: 25-metre safe distance
F/Cat 4: professional use only. Not available for consumers to buy.

The safe distance referred to is the distance between the firework firing site and the spectators. This is what means you can enjoy fireworks in safety. Find out how long or large your garden is to determine whether you can use F2 or F3 fireworks.

The average British garden is 15 metres long. Generally, we find that most people have gardens suited to F2 fireworks, so you can safely put at least eight metres between your guests and your display.

Check out F2 garden fireworks on our website. Search by price, brand, noise level, and duration. Let’s have a look at our best F2 fireworks.

The Best Family Selection Boxes of Fireworks

We recommend family selection boxes to fireworks amateurs of all levels, whether it’s your first display or you’re a seasoned firer. This is because they’re tailor-made by professionals. No need to go through endless fireworks and decide on the ones you want, figuring out how they’ll go together one after the other and whether you’ve got a good range of styles and effects.

Each selection box is designed to give you a course of fireworks to wow your guests with visuals that include low-level displays, high-climbing shots, fanned, straight, and mixed shots, and ranges of colours Here are our recommended family selection boxes of fireworks.

Gala Selection Box large Jonathans Box 1

Gala Firework Selection Box

Price: RRP: £89.99 £64.99

This box is one of our best sellers and contains 19 of the highest quality fireworks found in any selection for a truly trusted display. Fireworks in this pack are medium volume level, so everyone’s happy. It includes a range of rockets, barrages, and fountains, among other favourites like a Catherine wheel.

Shindig Selection Box Free Rockets Manchester Fireworks

Shindig Firework Box

Price: RRP: £167.99 £125.00

Another option featuring some of the highest quality fireworks in our entire store, Shindig is the largest selection box we stock, with a huge bundle of 31 fireworks. If you’re planning a firework display you can boast about, this is the box for you. A wide range of all firework types at medium volume range.

Tiny Storm Vader bundle

Tiny Temper Ultimate Garden Firework Pack

Price: RRP: £284.99 £200.00

Put together by our fireworks experts, the Tiny Tempah box is ideal for a long-lasting firework display. One of the widest ranges of different fireworks, it includes fountains, Roman candles, wheels, barrages, rockets, and a compound firework for the finale. This pack also contains sparklers, a must for kids (and big kids).

Serene Selection Box by Jonathans Fireworks

Serene Firework Selection Box – Low Noise

Price: RRP: £49.99 £35.00

For those in search of a smaller-scale, less noisy display, perhaps due to pets, sensitive people, or built-up neighbourhoods, Serene is the answer. A tidy 11 individual fireworks make up this selection box with no loud bangs. Low noise doesn’t mean low quality, though; the visuals on these fireworks are just as impressive.

Remixed Barrage & Rocket Pack

Price: RRP: £309.97 From £150.00

For those with a larger garden and at least a 15-metre distance, the 184 shots in this selection box make for a loud, bold display your guests will certainly remember. With 10 barrages, each with a unique visual display and over four minutes of fireworks in total, this really is a great value pack.

Garden Fireworks Made Easy with Multi-Shot Cakes

A firework barrage or cake consists of multiple shots bundled together and attached to one fuse. Set up a firework cake and light the fuse, then stand back and enjoy a long-lasting display with minimal effort. We love multi-shot cakes for firework novices because they’re so easy to use and provide a fantastic designer display.

Firework cakes are also a good option for people who are safety-conscious or more hesitant about using fireworks. There’s no need to keep trotting back and forth lighting fuses. Just set it alight once and watch up to hundreds of shots in succession. On the other hand, you can add a cake for your own self-made display if you want to be a bit extra. Here are some popular multi-shot cakes.

Mix It Up

Price: RRP: £45.99 £39.99

One of our historically popular firework cakes, Mix It Up, made by Celtic, consists of 63 straight shots in a shower of multi-coloured stars for a duration of 35 seconds. A fantastic addition to any firework display or perfect on its own.

Mish Mash Mini

Price: RRP: £49.99 £39.99

Number two on our most popular firework cake list is Mish Mash Mini. Our customers love this firework cake for its variety in the 100 shots of different colours, stars, and styles that delight audiences throughout its 50-second display.

Misty Mayhem

Price: RRP: £28.99 £25.00

21 shots of mixed shots make up this unique firework cake that produces gold and red bursts of colour with trails of mist that hang in the sky. This is an atmospheric and stylish firework suited to all kinds of parties. A lovely display on its own or a starter firework at the beginning of your display when the sky is clear.


Price: RRP: £79.99 £64.99

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, Cataclysm is an F3 firework that will take your breath away. This is what we call a fast-firing barrage, similar to a dump cake that fires all shots at once, but instead, this gives a quick succession of shots one after the other. Cataclysm produces a constant silver mine lift featuring a crackle-to-crackle burst and silver flash for a lou and powerful cake.

Long-Lasting Garden Compound Fireworks

A compound firework is essentially multiple firework cakes fused together. The firework is still lit from a single fuse, but then the cakes and their individual shots are fired in a pre-determined sequence. It’s like the ultimate assistant in launching your display. Perfect for those who aren’t sure what they should buy or how to set it up.

If you want to enjoy a firework display at home with little effort, these are perfect for that too. They’re designed to take the guesswork out for you so you can rely on a superb display without the effort. Here are some we know you’ll love.


Price: RRP: £225.00 £170.00

200 shots and over a minute of display time make this a long-duration compound firework. We recommend Mixology for those who want a variety of shots and visuals for an exciting display with delightful surprises and only one ignition.

Megamix Compound Firework

Price: RRP: £225.99 £170.00

Another long-duration firework display all wrapped up in an easy-to-use compound firework. With one fuse, enjoy a succession of shots and colours so dramatic we recommend standing as far back as possible beyond the recommended eight metres to fully enjoy the effect.

Tiny Temper

Price: RRP: £69.99 £49.99

For those who aren’t the biggest fan of a loud display, Tiny Temper is perfect. This compound firework has a duration to match Mgeamix and Mixology but with a lower volume and 75-second display. This is a great option for smaller gardens or more toned-down parties.


Price: RRP: £125.00 £100.00

If you’re working with a bit more space, Bedlam is a 15+ metre compound firework to shake up your party and get people excited. 100 mixed shots, loud bangs, and a 60-second display give you a powerful performance with little effort.

Classic Rocket Fireworks for a Smashing Garden Display

The classic rocket is what most of us think about when we imagine a firework. That traditional rocket shape, staked into the earth which plummets high into the sky with an anticipatory whistle to then burst in a shower of glittering light. Rockets are a favourite and an absolute crowd-pleaser. Thanks to our huge fireworks range, we have countless rocket fireworks and something for every garden party.

F2 Garden Rockets 7 Bundle Manchester Fireworks 1

Small Garden F2 Firework Rocket Bundle

Price: RRP: £191.95 £120.00

This bundle incorporates the very best F2 rockets available in the UK, right from the lead supplier in the Northwest, Chorlton Fireworks. We’ve put this bundle together to bring you the best of the best when it comes to rocket fireworks.

You can also buy all of these separately. So, if you’re looking for a particular effect or just need a cracking great rocket to finish off your display, see below.

Little Giant Rocket


Price: RRP: £17.99 £12.00

A shimmer of supersonic stars in a range of colours. Six shots included. One of our best sellers.

Calavera Rocket


Price: RRP: £29.99 £16.99

A pack of five rockets, each bringing its own style to your firework display. One of our customers’ favourites.

Tequila Shell Rocket

Price: RRP: £59.99 £40.00

Five ball-head rockets that pack a powerful bang to make the climax of your firework display one to remember.

Vader Rocket

Price: RRP: £24.99 £18.00

Five medium-sized rockets, perfect for a small garden party with a safe viewing distance of eight metres.

Afterburner Rocket


Price: RRP: £39.99 £26.99

Nine rockets in this pack, each with a different effect: brocades, crackles, multi-coloured stars, strobes and more visuals that will wow your guests.

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