28 Apr, 2023
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Are There Limits On Fireworks Within The UK?

When was the last time you planned a firework display? If you haven’t purchased fireworks in a while, this is your sign to light up the skies with gorgeous pyrotechnics.

However, don’t jump into your planning without some research! The UK has a range of fireworks limitations to keep citizens safe. Though relatively simple, running through these laws before you ignite fireworks is crucial to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Need a quick reminder of the rules? Scroll down now, and you’ll be an expert in minutes.

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Complete Guide To UK Firework Limits

The three main components of UK firework rules surround height, noise, and the time you set fireworks off. Consider all three for your home display. We’ve separated these into categories below to help you get started.


In the UK, there aren’t any specific rules surrounding the height of fireworks. However, limits are enforced via the “categories” system, and larger fireworks are restricted to the Category 4 professional use bracket. We’ll explain more about these categories and fireworks laws below.


Consumer fireworks (Category 2 and 3 models) can’t exceed 120 decibels. For example, 120 decibels is equivalent to a motorcycle or a chainsaw, and prolonged noise above this point can cause hearing damage.


Fireworks can be set off at any time, apart from between 11 pm and 7 am. However, this time limit is edited for Bonfire Night, where the cut-off is midnight. It’s also changed for New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, and Diwali, where the cut-off becomes 1 am.

About The Fireworks Categories System

We’ve been discussing different “categories,” but what do these mean?

In the UK, we classify fireworks into different categories regarding size, effect, and safety concerns. These categories are used in the laws and regulations, so get to know them before making your modern-day firework purchase.

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Other Limitations To Note

Here are some additional fireworks restrictions to note. Have a read-through and note them down to ensure your display is safe and fun.

  • To buy any fireworks, UK residents must be over 18.

  • It’s illegal to throw or set off fireworks in any public place.

  • You should speak to your council to find out about any local restrictions.

  • Category 2 and 3 fireworks don’t include novelties like party poppers.

  • If you buy or sell fireworks illegally, you could be fined an unlimited amount and be imprisoned for up to 6 months.

  • If found with illegal or homemade fireworks, you can also receive an “on the spot” fine of £90.

Navigating Firework Limitations

It’s important to remember that these fireworks limitations are in place for your safety and enjoyment. Pyrotechnics are beautiful but dangerous products, and acting with care around them is paramount. Always purchase from licensed providers and read through instructions before lighting.

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It is illegal for under 18s to purchase or Attempt to purchase fireworks
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