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Gold Confetti Cannon 30cm single Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Confetti Cannon 30cm Gold Foil
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Gold Confetti Cannon 30cm single Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Gold Confetti Cannons 30cm in box Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Prestigious Pyrotechnics

Confetti Cannon 30cm Gold Foil

RRP: £4.99

Product Description

Our 30cm gold foil confetti cannons are designed with weddings, club nights, and many other kind of celebrations and parties in mind. Nothing says luxury and class like adorning your party in a shimmering gold foil confetti.

Our 30cm handheld gold foil confetti cannons are top quality, producing a great amount of gold foil confetti that will rain down on your festivities. We’re fully stocked all year round so no matter when you’re planning a party we can supply you with the confetti cannons you need. If you’re based in the North West we can offer next day delivery to help you out with last-minute plans too.

Please do be aware if you leave any confetti on the ground or tables etc for an extended period of time with any sort of alcohol (corrosive) fluids on it, there is potentially a risk the confetti can leak colours and leave stains at times.

The easiest way to avoid any chance of this happening is to ensure that any confetti that has become wet is cleaned up immediately.

Our gold foil confetti cannons start from only £6.00 each. If you’re thinking of ordering one for an event you won’t regret it. For bulk orders of 30 cannons or more take a look at our full case bulk offers for confetti cannons. For wholesale orders please contact us for a quotation.

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What is a Gold Confetti Cannon Like?

When activated, a gold confetti cannon will launch a bomb of glittering gold confetti pieces into the air. Your guests and party area will experience a shimmering shower of gold. Confetti cannons from Chorlton Fireworks are extremely easy to use. Simply direct the confetti cannon towards the area you want to cover (make sure you aim it high up so the confetti will fall down over the space) and twist the base of the confetti cannon. In one go you can cover a large area with pieces of twinkling gold confetti that will float down between your guests gracefully. The active time of a gold confetti cannon is about five seconds from activation to confetti settling on the ground.

Who uses Handheld Gold Confetti Cannons?

Many clubs and bars have their own confetti cannons installed, but as a venue owner, you might want to stock up on handheld confetti cannons like this one for your staff to use on special nights. Having a DJ or performer launch gold confetti over the crowd will ramp up the performance and get people excited.

30cm Gold Foil Confetti Cannons

Non leaking gold foil confetti cannons

Use our gold foil confetti cannons in confidence! We only use the best quality gold foil confetti which ensures when used in areas with lots of people and lots of drinks there is no chance of clothing or furniture being stained by the confetti once it gets wet. There are many cannons available to buy but we suggest you double check on the quality of the confetti used as you might end up with more work than intended. Buying Prestigious Pyrotechnics Confetti cannons will remove that concern as we only use colour fast materials in our products!

If your using confetti cannons in your club, bar or restaurant it is imperative you use non leaking, water fast confetti cannons. As there is always a drink split you do not want to take the chance of damaging very expensive furniture or even worse a customers designer handbag.

Can you use gold foil confetti cannons outdoors

Technically you can use any confetti cannons outdoors but here at Chorlton Fireworks & Prestigious Pyrotechnics we strongly advise you to only use biodegradable tissue confetti cannons outdoors as it is impossible to clean up every bit of confetti after firing a cannon. Which means there will always be some confetti blowing across the ground. If you use our biodegradable confetti cannons the confetti will disappear with time unlike foil confetti.

As such we do not advise using our gold foil confetti cannons outdoors!

Our white tissue 30cm confetti cannons are always popular for weddings and are used indoors and outdoors. The white tissue confetti provides a spectacular look in videos and photographs.

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