Rocket Fireworks

If you want your party to go off with a bang rocket fireworks your best friend. A rocket will shoot high into the sky and explode, lighting up the night with a shimmering display of colours and patterns. Firework Rockets are one of the most impressive fireworks and should be used as the main event of your firework display to wow your audience. At Chorlton Fireworks we offer a range of rocket fireworks to supercharge any display. Our suppliers are trusted leading brands in firework design so you won’t let your guests down. We’re open all year round with new and exclusive product ranges unavailable elsewhere.

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Bulk Buy Rockets Fireworks Packs

Stock up on packs of rockets for larger fireworks performances on our website. We offer packs of six, nine, or even 15 Fireworks. Packs of rockets are ideal for commercial events or community projects. Our packs are for sale all year round, too. Don’t be let down by fireworks that fail at the last second. We only stock premium quality rocket fireworks UK customers love. That means when you buy from us you can enjoy the show without worrying about rogue fireworks. Buy packs of rockets here, and don’t forget to check our sale page to buy packs of discounted rockets and other fireworks. Place an order for packs of fireworks with us today. If you’re situated in the North West we can get your packs of fireworks to you the next day. For other areas in the UK, we deliver within three to five days. If you’re not sure which rockets to choose contact us for details on our packs.

Rocket Firework FAQs

What do Fireworks Rockets Look Like?

Rockets produce the largest single burst of all fireworks and because of this, they are favoured as the centrepiece of a firework display. When fired a firework rocket propels directly upwards to a height of up to 100m before exploding. Colours and patterns will differ depending on which rocket you choose. If you’ve planned a larger display opt for a multipack of rockets like the Dark Angel Rocket 9 Pack. Find some of the best fireworks for sale here on our website.

What does a rocket firework sound like?

Another exciting part of the rockets fireworks experience is their unmistakable sound, filling your party with anticipation at the whistle of fireworks being launched and a hush as they wait for the rocket to explode. Our packs of rockets fireworks at Chorlton Fireworks are designed to be as impressive as possible. If it’s the bang of the rocket you’re after we stock rockets with a sonic boom such as the Thunder 6 Rocket Pack.

How should you use a rocket firework?

All of our packs of rockets and other fireworks come with clear instructions. Make sure you read before setting up your fireworks. Rockets will shoot upwards after being lit so ensure no fireworks could get caught in trees or windows. Ensure rockets are secured in the ground with the pike provided. Give yourself space to get away from the launch area once you’ve lit your rockets and fireworks.

When should you use rocket fireworks?

As the biggest and most impressive fireworks, rockets should be the climax of your firework spectacle, so every firework display should have at least one rocket. Buy rocket fireworks today for a special event including weddings, birthdays, bonfire night, corporate events, Chinese new year, Diwali celebrations, Christmas celebrations, New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, proposals, and remembrances. Big rockets are great when followed by cakes, drinks, and music. Buy packs of rockets here, and don’t forget to check our sale page to buy rocket fireworks and other favourites at discount prices.

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