07 Sept, 2021
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The Top 10 Diwali Fireworks Chosen by Fireworks Experts

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated annual cultural festivals in the world, with so many different people celebrating it that it has different meanings and different story origins. Originating in the subcontinent, today people of many faiths celebrate Diwali, including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, as well as those of other faiths that come together to enjoy Diwali celebrations too.

Diwali is also called The Festival of Lights, and there is a reason that the thought of Diwali has many people imagining flashes of light and colour in the night sky. No Diwali celebration would be complete without fireworks.

As a fully licensed firework supplier, we stock fireworks all year round meaning you can get your Diwali festival fireworks well in advance. If you need fireworks delivery last minute, we can help with that too! Here’s a list of the top ten fireworks we recommend for a successful Diwali.

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1. Indoor Sparklers

Starting small, if you don’t have the space outside to put on a firework display, you can still have your own miniature light show. Indoor sparklers are specially designed to be safely used indoors. Hand these out to your guests or stick them into a cake for a fun start to the party. You could also affix indoor sparklers to bottles or to cocktails to give your guests a sparkling entrance before the party begins.

2. Fun Snaps

At Diwali, bright lights and loud noises are said to ward off evil spirits. Hand out Fun Snaps to kids (and big kids) and set them to work making sure no evil spirits disturb your party. They’ll have a great time throwing these down onto hard surfaces outside and watching them pop into action. As each snap collides with the floor a minute amount of explosive material will combust against an aggregate, producing a fun bang sound.

3. Confetti Cannons

Diwali is a celebration filled with colour and life, double up in putting on a show for your guests, and decorating your party area by using a confetti cannon. Confetti cannons are a great way to get a party started, or to prelude a big entrance or announcement. If you’re putting on a show or a performance, you might want to use confetti cannons at the climax of the story to ad to the atmosphere. Our confetti cannons come in gold, silver, pink, blue, or multicoloured but we can also make them to your specifications. Contact us to find out how.

4. Ice Fountains

Another firework for indoor celebrations, ice fountains are similar to indoor sparklers but produce a larger volume of sparks and light. Fastening an ice fountain into a cake or onto a bottle will add a flair of excitement and fun to your table setting or display. We offer ice fountain holders that can be used to safely attached up to three ice fountains to a bottle.

5. Sparklers

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Outdoor parties and celebrations wouldn’t be complete without sparklers. Outdoor sparklers are much larger and brighter in comparison with indoor sparklers. We recommend this multipack sparkler offer which contains an assortment of 26 gold, crackling, and neon sparklers, each with a burn time of up to 90 seconds. We also stock Giant Sparklers and Large Gold Sparklers which can be given out for people to enjoy, or attached safely to arches, fences, or other decorative structures. Getting several sparklers on the go will make for some dramatic photos.

6. A Big Barrage Assortment

Onto the main event, your garden fireworks Diwali display will be completely covered with this big barrage assortment. The pack includes six different barrages which produce fan effect shots in a multitude of different colours including purple, silver, green, blue, red, and white. Each barrage will shoot off fireworks in different effects meaning your guests will always be guessing what’s coming next. With a pack like this, you could have your entire firework display sorted. But we’ve included some extras here to add more variety and make sure all the traditional Diwali colours are covered.

7. Styx Firework Cake

This is a firework cake that fires 16 shots, each one climbing high into the sky and exploding in an arc of light. The Styx firework explodes in tails of red, orange, and yellow, with sparkles of white light The yellow and golden hues of this firework are reminiscent of the warm yellows and gold decorations that are associated with Diwali. This firework gives an elegant performance that isn’t too loud or intense and can be enjoyed by everyone.

8. Red Strobe

Another signature colour we see during Diwali is red. Red adorns peoples’ clothing and decorations. You might see performers wearing red costumes and red candles. This Red Strobe firework shoots pluses of vibrant red light up from its position at ground level. Red strobes produce a very dramatic effect and almost look like flames licking up from the ground. If you’re planning a performance, red strobes can be used to create the effect of a fire burning, or a dramatic entrance for a character.

9. Low Noise Blue to Red Firework

Sometimes you need to be mindful of other residents living around you, or of pets who become stressed out with the loud sound of fireworks. This firework produces a lower, gentler sound that means your guests can still enjoy a full display of fireworks without noise pollution. The Silver Spinner Blue to Red firework releases shots in sets of three that shoot up in a fan shape and produce red, blue, and white light and flames. This is great for getting some hints of the traditional red and blue that are seen during Diwali.

10. Pink Smoke Grenade

The fourth main colour, in addition to red, blue, and yellow that is seen during Diwali is bright pink. One of the most unique ways to add a flash of colour to your festivities is with a smoke grenade. These are vivid in colour as they produce thick plumes of smoke and can be used any time, day or night, although they are probably a bit more visible in the daylight. We recommend a pink smoke grenade to add swirls and flourishes of pink to your party. People will love taking pictures as the coloured smoke weaves around them. You can get handheld smoke grenades which are a wonderful addition to performances, or smoke bombs that you set off from one spot on the floor.

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