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Fireworks Shop Nantwich
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#1 Fireworks in Nantwich

We supply customers in Nantwich and beyond with some of the best fireworks available to the UK market. Visit our online shop or physical store based in Chorlton to get access to exciting, innovative, and show-stopping fireworks that will have your guests reeling.

We offer a wide range of fireworks to cover all of your needs for any party or occasion. Find traditional favourites such as rockets and fountains here. You can also boost your party with unusual and exciting additions that no one was expecting, like compound fireworks that only need to be lit once to generate a whole display.

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Fireworks for all Occasions in Nantwich

When other firework retailers cannot sell products outside of November, December, and February, we are able to supply the general public in Nantwich with top quality products thanks to our license. We want all of our customers to know that Chorlton Fireworks is open throughout the whole year with fully stocked shelves. All you need to do is order through our website or pick up the phone and call our team on 0161 881 3990.

Our customer base in Nantwich is broad, covering everyone from individuals who are planning a special garden party, all the way through to entertainment and catering businesses that want to add flair to their dishes, drinks and club nights. If you need to place an order in bulk speak to our team. We'll do our best to arrange a great deal.

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Why choose Chorlton Fireworks Nantwich?

We are a market leader in supplying fireworks to the North West. To uphold our reputation we follow strict quality control protocols to ensure every product we bring to our customers is the highest quality it can be. We only work with the most reliable brands in the UK and overseas to import timeless favourites and new innovations. Thanks to our wonderful team and trusted partners, we continue to expand our product offering all the time.

We are constantly adding to our own brand, Prestigious Pyrotechnics, only available here and a few other outlets in the UK. To get access to our enviable fireworks range delivered fast to addresses all across Nantwich, browse our website here or call us on 0161 1881 3990.