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Fireworks Shop Congleton
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#1 Fireworks in Congleton

Supplying Congleton and beyond, we are the leading fireworks distributor in the North West. Through our online shop or our physical store in Chorlton, we offer top quality fireworks to customers across the North West and wider UK.

Our products range from the traditional rocket that will have your guests gazing skyward in awe, graceful and sophisticated fountains to add something extra to a garden party, and even indoor fireworks for cake, cocktails, and bar performances. We even stock smoke grenades to add flare to your photos, videos, and theatrics.

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Fireworks for Occasions in Congleton

At Chorlton Fireworks, we keep our doors open and our online store in full operation throughout the whole year meaning when unlicensed retailers cease fireworks sales outside of the November, December, and February periods, we continue to legally sell fireworks for parties and events throughout the whole year.

We deliver fireworks to a broad range of customers in Congleton from individuals planning parties to commercial groups organising private events, to businesses that need a regular order of indoor ice fountains. If you’re a customer who requires a lot of fireworks, speak to our team before buying online, we’ll cut you the best deal we can for your needs.

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Why choose Chorlton Fireworks Congleton?

As a UK market leader in fireworks distribution, our standards are set high to make sure we only ever supply the very best fireworks to our customers. Over the years we’ve developed strong relationships with our suppliers and only ever work with the more reputable brands internationally. We even design and make our own fireworks labelled Prestigious Pyrotechnics and found on our website and in a select few other outlets.

Order through our website or call us on 0161 881 3990 and place an order for fast delivery to Congleton. There’s no minimum spend with us and we charge a flat rate of £4.99 for delivery. Orders over £180 are free of delivery charges.