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Fireworks Shop Macclesfield
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Fireworks for all Occasions in Macclesfield

We offer only the best fireworks and firework supplies in Macclesfield as the North West’s leading supplier. Not only do we stock the best and most impressive fireworks but our range is extensive, with products to act as the main event, or simply add a touch of class or excitement to a night.

From weddings to birthdays, to anniversaries, to gender reveals, we’ve got fireworks for all types of events and audiences. For larger displays, we offer compound fireworks that need only lighting once and produce multiple fireworks in a pre-designed display. But we also stock many smaller and subtler fireworks, like smoke grenades.

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Fireworks for Macclesfield Events and Venues

Chorlton Fireworks is one of the best firework retailers in the UK, and our shop is always open and ready to deliver incredible fireworks to Macclesfield. We’re here to support your business or events with fireworks, even last minute. We can deliver to Macclesfield in as little as one day.

Whether you need ice fountains for a bar or confetti cannons for a club, we help out businesses every day with bulk orders of fireworks. If you need to place a large order, contact us or call 0161 881 3990.

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Chorlton Fireworks Quality Products in Macclesfield

We’re always researching new and exciting fireworks to add to our extensive product lines and always work with the best brands across the world. We’re passionate about bringing you the brightest lights and the biggest bursts of colour. We even design many fireworks under our own label Prestigious Pyrotechnics. Find this exclusive line on our website.

Order now for your event, party, or any occasion you want to supercharge with fireworks in Macclesfield. There’s no minimum order with us and anything over £180 is free of all delivery charges.