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Prestigious Pyrotechnics
Gold Confetti Cannon
RRP: £14.99

Product Description

Nothing says luxury and class like adorning your party in a shimmering haze of gold. Our gold confetti cannons are designed with weddings, club nights, and just about any kind of party in mind.

Our 80cm handheld gold confetti cannons are top quality, producing a thick cloud of gold that will rain down on your festivities. We’re fully stocked all year round so no matter when you’re planning a party we can supply you with the confetti cannons you need. If you’re based in the North West we can offer next day delivery to help you out with last-minute plans too.

Our gold confetti cannons are only £10 each. If you’re thinking of ordering one for an event you won’t regret it. For bulk orders of 25 cannons or more, contact us for a bespoke price and we’ll provide you with a deal.

5 sec
Nec Weight
Hazard Class
Tube Size

What is a Gold Confetti Cannon Like?

When activated, a gold confetti cannon will launch a bomb of glittering gold confetti pieces into the air. Your guests and party area will experience a shimmering shower of gold. Confetti cannons from Chorlton Fireworks are extremely easy to use. Simply direct the confetti cannon towards the area you want to cover (make sure you aim it high up so the confetti will fall down over the space) and twist the base of the confetti cannon. In one go you can cover a large area with pieces of twinkling gold confetti that will float down between your guests gracefully. The active time of a gold confetti cannon is about five seconds from activation to confetti settling on the ground.

Who uses Handheld Gold Confetti Cannons?

Many clubs and bars have their own confetti cannons installed, but as a venue owner, you might want to stock up on handheld confetti cannons like this one for your staff to use on special nights. Having a DJ or performer launch gold confetti over the crowd will ramp up the performance and get people excited.

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