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Fountain Fireworks

Chorlton Fireworks hand-picks the biggest and brightest firework fountains to add to our product range so that you can choose from a selection of the very best quality. Buy packs of fountains to add a touch of grace and style to any firework display, producing an abundance of metallic shimmering light. We stock some of the most unusual firework fountains on the market with a range of different colours and effects.

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Fountain Firework FAQs

What are firework fountains?

Fountain fireworks are low-level, or ground-based fireworks that deliver a prolonged burst of constant light and sparkles. Once lit, the effects of the fountain erupt in a vertical fan motion, either in one plume or several. A fountain firework can last for up to 150 seconds like Active Volcanoes.

Packs of fountains also come in an assortment of colours. You could go for a multicoloured fountain like Ocean of Lights, or opt for something more conservative and simple, like Glacier Rising.

Where should you use a fountain firework?

Fountains make a great addition to any firework display adding an interesting dynamic against fireworks that shoot high and explode in the sky. Punctuating your display with one or two fountains will keep your guests guessing about what to expect next and make the experience more fun for everyone.

Fountains look elegant and sophisticated and are a fun addition to celebrations like wedding receptions and anniversary parties.

How should you set off firework fountains?

Packs of fountains should have clear instructions on their packaging for how to light them safely. Always make sure you set a fountain on a stable flat surface and secure it in place with rocks or bricks (alternatively, dig a small hole of about 2 inches and fit the fountain into the space).

Ensure there is nothing hanging over the fountain that could catch fire like a tree branch. Make sure there is also enough room between the fountain and the safe viewing distance for the spectators.

How much do fountain fireworks cost?

The price depends on the size of packs and intensity of the fountain, however, all of our fountains are very affordable. Our Signature Conic Fountain Pack Of 2 features some of the biggest boldest fireworks at only £35. If you want a smaller cheaper option our Red Blinkers/Strobes still pack a punch at only £3.99 each.

Are fountain fireworks loud?

Fountains are a typical low noise firework, offering a stunning display without the loud ‘bang’ or ‘crackle’ of a firework with a shell, like a rocket. Fountains stay close to the ground which also helps to keep noise to a minimum.

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