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Fireworks Shop Manchester
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The Best Fireworks in Manchester

Our extensive range of fireworks available in Manchester is unbeatable in performance, reliability, and safety. We’ve been designing and importing fireworks for years and we always deliver the highest quality products we can get our hands on to supercharge any event or party.

Not only are our fireworks top quality but we aim to offer a wide selection to suit any occasion, big or small, all year round. If you need pink or blue fireworks for a gender reveal, gold confetti for a club night or firework bundles to organise a full display, we can help. We also offer small-scale fireworks like low noise fireworks and indoor sparklers.

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Fireworks for Your Events in Manchester

Here at Chorlton Fireworks we’re ready to supply you with fireworks all year round, no matter what season it is. Celebrations aren’t just reserved for New Year’s Eve and bonfire night. Whenever you have something to celebrate, we have fireworks to make it a memorable occasion, from weddings to birthdays, to sporting events, to corporate days.

We support personal and business needs with fireworks, offering small bundles for garden firework displays, and single fireworks, all the way to bulk orders of confetti and smoke grenades. Our prices are competitive, and if you need to order in bulk, speak to our team about getting the best deal.

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Why choose Chorlton Fireworks Manchester?

At Chorlton Fireworks we’re always looking for ways to improve our range. We have fostered excellent relationships with our overseas suppliers over the years to be able to import fantastic fireworks to the UK. You’ll often find new product lines on our website unavailable anywhere else.

We know a thing or two about making fireworks as well, as we design and create fireworks through our own brand. Check out our Prestigious Pyrotechnics brand on our website for amazing fireworks designed by us. Get orders delivered fast to your location in Manchester, with no minimum spend and orders over £180 free delivery.