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Fireworks Shop Salford
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Fireworks Delivered Straight to you in Salford

For years we’ve been supplying customers in Salford with top quality fireworks that turn a great party into a spectacular party. No matter what you have planned, adding a firework or two will make it an occasion to remember, whether that’s an all-out firework display or just a few sparklers you can enjoy in the garden.

Over the years we’ve grown to be the number one supplier of fireworks to Salford and the North West, with an unrivalled selection of incredible fireworks. When you buy from us you know you’re getting some of the very best looking and sounding fireworks that are reliable and safe.

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Fireworks for all Salford Parties and Events

We don’t just open our doors on Bonfire Night and New Year’s because we know that people need fireworks all year round for any number of celebrations. If you’re organising a gender reveal party, we can help. If you’re stocking up on confetti and ice fountains for a club or bar, we can help. We supply individuals and businesses in Salford every day.

Chorlton Fireworks offers the full range of fireworks from large-scale bundles to organise a full firework show, to individual rockets for a big announcement. All our prices are competitive and we’ll always try to make our products as affordable as we can. Speak to our team about prices if you need to order products in bulk.

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Why choose Chorlton Fireworks Salford?

Our fireworks range is always getting better and more exciting, with constant improvements from us and our suppliers. We only work with the best, most highly trusted suppliers and manufacturers across the globe to bring new fireworks to the UK market. We’ve built strong relationships with all our suppliers who often invite us to make recommendations on their products.

Our range is also exclusive, with some products unavailable elsewhere in the UK. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new products to bring to the UK. Under our own brand, Prestigious Pyrotechnics we offer our own fireworks available through only a few outlets besides our shop and website.