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Fireworks Shop Bootle
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Fast Firework Delivery in Bootle

As professional firework designers and retailers, we’re proud of our extensive range of fireworks and serve customers throughout Bootle with rockets, barrages, smoke grenades, confetti cannons, and much more.

We’re renowned across the North West for the brilliant products we sell and the exclusive lines that can’t be found in other firework shops. Our exciting, unusual fireworks add pazazz to any occasion, from weddings to sports events. We also stock more subtle low noise fireworks and even indoor fireworks too.

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Fireworks for Parties and Events in Bootle

We’re not a pop-up shop. We’re open all year round with our full range available at all times. No matter what event you’re planning in Bootle. While many firework shops operate as a pop-up, or supermarkets sell a limited range of fireworks around November, we’re here all throughout the year. Stock your business with confetti for confetti cannons and ice fountains for cocktails. Order any firework you desire, from gender reveal fireworks to rockets.

At Chorlton Fireworks all of our products are priced competitively and we aim to give the best deals to our customers in Bootle. Speak to our team about buying in bulk or placing large orders, and we’ll find the best deal we can.

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Why choose Chorlton Fireworks Bootle?

Our team is always searching for bigger, better, more unusual fireworks to add to our product range. We work hard to make sure our fireworks won’t let you down on the big day, because the last thing you want to worry about is a disappointing firework display, let alone one that isn’t safe. All of our products are manufactured or imported from trusted brands, including our own brand Prestigious Pyrotechnics available only through a select few outlets including our website.

Order through our website or over the phone on 0161 881 3990 today for next day firework delivery in Bootle.